Our Defence

I think this is the perfect test ..

A team with an inexperinced 3rd QB being out in with an unexperienced runnng back .

If we cannot contain these two guys ad have no pass rush or run defence then it will be easy to make the decision we need to make changes in personnel and defensive co-ordinator .

I hope the new guys show up big like Bruce Davis on the line as well as

Murillo, Giguere , Stala ,    carlos Thomas , campeau       

Boudreau and Ronnel brown need to show they are for real and PEACH needs to show his leadership

Though there were many plays and errors that contributed to the loss, it still goes back on the defence and Creehan, A third string quarterback looks like a Hall of Famer and they pile up an incredible amount of yards. You can say we do not have talent on defence, and perhaps the players can be improved upon, but I fear that we have an ego maniacal head case who has his "system" and is trying to make the players play it, as opposed to a system that caters to the talent he has.

The stubborn insistence this year to rely on a primarily 4 man rush has cost us all year, and made Elliott a star tonight. The few blitz packages thrown were very effective, but Creehan has his theory and that is it.

Look at the 7 games this year, our defence is last in every category, and consistently gives up 30 plus per game. If we had no offence, we would be winless, and if our offence is not firing 100%, we are toast.

Watching Creehan live at Ivor Wynne clearly shows he does not have the respect and confidence of the players. His antics are tiring, His constant last second juggling of players looks like a Chines fire drill. On many occasssions, the ball has been put in play by the offence while the defence is not even prepared. I have seen how frustrated Williams is with the calls from the bench and the delays in the call coming in.

I am afraid that he is over his head on this job, and the numbers bear this out. Unless a change is made, our season will rely on our offence having to pull it out, and you cannot expect an offence to put up 30 or more points EVERY game. If Creehan stays in charge, we are done.

Not sure if the replacement comes within, or do you do a bold move an bring some one else in at this time, such as Greg Marshall. I do not get the impression that Creehan is the type of person who will alter his schemes, so unless there is a change, be prepared for more of the same. New bodies may help but if the scheme and system is flawed, allstars cannot make it work.

I am so frustrated by the defence that the Burris dropsies and the 3rd and one goof just do not impact on me as the 7 games of total ineptness by our defence.

Do we have a defense? When is it going to show up? That says it all.

I agree!


Players can't pressure QB, nor stop runners. Basic football, man on man battles are being lost.

I think it's more of a talent issue.

CaptainKirk…Sounds like your singing the same song i’m singing. It all boils down to talent.

I was more pissed at the continued case of dropsies. It seems like we turned the ball over three times in a row (I'm already becoming hazy and forgetful about the game specifics). So while some of the DBs looked like fools (jumping the ball and missing it or dropping sure IT's) I wondered if the defense was burned out because of the turnovers.

And don't even get me started on that last 3rd and 1 gamble. That was downright stupid.

I think the offense cost us the game.

Burris 3 fumbles! One crossing the goal, a 10 point swing!

Chevon Walker 7 runs for 17 yards.

One offensive TD on the very first drive of the game, and then nuthin' till that late long bomb. Too little, too late.

We do lack talent on the dline but look what happens when we blitzed Williams tonite. He got a sack.

It's tough to do a complete overhaul of the line right now but scheming differently might help us. We are fine at LB and at DB. You are going to complete a ton of passes when you have 5-7 seconds to sit back and wait for guys to get open.

Yes, 1 sack. Not sure how many times he blitzed, but Elliot hit receivers in Williams' vacated spot too when he blitzed other times.

But Creehan has to have blitz packages. If we just blitz the middle linebacker all the time, it's easy to pick up and send a guy to the vacated spot.

Why don't we use a corner blitz? I saw it once this year.

Why not use a safety blitz?

Why not use an outside lineback blitz?

When you don't get pressure from the front 4, you need to create pressure coming from elsewhere. All I see is a base man to man defense with no creativity to get to the QB.

I dunno. I don't think you can rely on constant blitzes to be your only source of QB pressure. You still need an adequate D- line. Doesn't matter where you blitz from, you will always leave a vacated spot on the field, but yeah, I share your frustration with the lack of pressure.

There is no question that the six turnovers cost the Cats greatly tonight but knowledgeable football fans have figured out that the defence is a complete and utter disaster. George Cortez, who is not a defensive coach, should never have hired a first time CFL defensive coordinator. Creehan has proven to be completely inept at making mid game adjustments. The defense never takes the ball away and they are unable to make stops when they need to. I never advocate making changes mid season but Cortez needs to replace Creehan with an experienced defensive coach. We are currently heading for a 7-11 season. Greg Marshall who is waiting patiently in Burlington would be a perfect choice. It is extremely difficult to replace a coordinator in the middle of the season but Creehan is completely in over his head.

We all loved Rey Williams "man up" speech but in actual fact, his play was horrible again tonight. The running game was not shut down again tonight even though we were up against a third string QB. Creehan has shown to be completely inept at making decisions from the sidelines. Realistically, two thirds of this defence needs to replaced and so does Creehan. I never advocate making coaching changes mid season but Creehan needs to be replaced by an experienced defensive coach like Greg Marshall, who is waiting in Burlington for a chance. The season is going to get away from us. Calvilo could throw for 700 yards against this pathetic defense next week.


You don't get rid of your DC with only 7 games of his system played when the team is 3-4. That's not giving him a chance. Especially when the offensive and special team blunders cost us this game.

We blitzed our fool heads off last year with blitz happy Corey Chamblin and accomplished nothing. All the teams then countered with swing passes and quick hits to the designated hot receiver. This year the D-line is even weaker after losing Hickman.

Excess blitzing will leave a nice hole to an already porous secondary.

I dont know if you can put all the blame on Creehan. It just wasn't a great formula for success from the beginning. You have a rookie head coach who is an offensive specialist. You have a rookie co-ordinator. You have a defence that has seen an overhaul on the d-line. Then you get injuries and have to shuffle your lineup which only adds to the problems. Our defence just cant seem to put it together for 60 minutes. They are young and it seems the intensity isnt held up throughout the entire game. Our D can show flashes off greatness and they have even put together impressive quarters and halfs this season but they have failed to put together an entire 60min.

Tonight was sort of a rough night on D because of all the turnovers, the D must have been gassed in the 4th. They shot themselves in the foot dropping sure ints and constantly missing tackles.

I dont think the defensive problem is going to be completely solved this year. Creehan and co are just going to have to make due and hopefully they can hide their faults behind impressive offensive performances and play some scrappy defence.

There's nothing worse than a coach that's in love with his "system" and refuses to make any adjustments. It's the same in Toronto right now with the Chris Jones defence - - interesting similarity is that Toronto & Hamilton are worst in the league for sacks.

I'd love to see a defence that let's the front four generate pressure - - that's what BC relys on and they have great success with it. But if the DLine is going one on one and can't win the individual battles, that's a problem with talent issue moreso than a problem with scheme.

Is Joe Loebedahn still available?

Flashes of greatness? Can I have some of what you're smoking. They give up a 90 yard drive when they need to make a stop. EVERY game there a critical times they need to make a stop and they are unable. The defensive backs look like pee wee players and make the same types of coverage errors. There is NO pressure. The whole, be patient thing is lame. This is coaching or terrible players. No sugar coating this defense is one of the worst they have put on the field since I have been going (over 20 years).