Our defence sucks

Our defence sucks, I don't care what anyone says. It does, and tonight showed it. I haven't been impressed with our defence all season, but unfortunately, it wasn't being discussed because we were winning games on last second drives.

We went the first 7 games without getting a single pick. We're at the bottom of the league for sacks with 12 or 13. We have the highest points allowed average in the league with 31 points.

You'd think with Richie Hall and Jim Daley as our coaches, and with all the Saskatchewan defensive stars we signed that we'd have a good defence, but that's just not the case. We're supposed to be pretty good against the run, but I didn't see that tonight. So far the Stamps have rushed for 172 yards. That's pathetic!!!

We need serious changes on defence. We can't keep relying on Ricky Ray to win us games with 38-second game-winning drives... :roll:

Hey Chef, I think most of the old Rider stars are hurt or catching bad guys in Edmonton. Also I think Richie is giving his DC more room to develope a D than he really should. But since Machoka is still around, who the hell knows who's makin the calls? All that aside, still tied for first.

Yeah, we do have a few injuries, but I don't think we should use that as an excuse. If the other guys we have can't step up while our starters are out, then why do we have them?

We are still tied for first, and I'm glad we are, but I was kind of hoping we'd show some progress this season. We were looking good for a stretch, but I think that maybe had more to do with Ricky Ray pulling off some last minute heroics than anything else.

Hall better get these guys prepared for the rematch because right now Calgary is holding all the momentum. For once we need a quick start.

I've posted this in the past the Esks have for the longest time been week on the pass . we also don't seem to have a strong pass rush . which gives the QB way to much time to pass , we need a couple of in your face smash mouth Defensive lineman to hit the Gap and put pressure on the QB . maybe with NFL cuts we can pick up a couple , I think our DB's will be just fine.

Yes I am a BC FAN, but I know the issues with the ESKS D--

Why is Brad Robinson not starting in this secondary?

Some of the pass rushers completely are junk on Edmonton. They are just not playmakers. Last I checked Kai Ellis was washed up 4 years ago?

Here is the issue, its old school politics, why is kelly Malveauz still playing in the secondary? He canot cover any good receiver, as is evident by Copeland turning him around--
Edmonton makes copeland look like Allen Pitts out there, the db's never turn around for the bal--

Free safety? IS this tuny 5 foot 5 Richardson ever near the ball? He is just too small to play on the D----

Edmonton has below par pass rushers, their secondary needs a new safety, and at least 2 new db's---

Malveax should be cut, they cut BUHL which was good, but now start brad Robinson at halfback, he is much better--

Also get rid of Kai Ellis, he is washed and Richardson is not a CFL safety--

Quite frankly this D really has no playmakers at all except for maybe GOSS who is pretty solid and good.

This team IMO can win it all this year, I am a big fan of this offense, but their D is just terrible---

If they can fix this D they can win it all, but they need to replace at least 3 to 4 players. The days of Rashad jeanty and Montford, they used to get a rush-- Now they get nothing at all--

Their secondary is the worst in the CFL on one on one jump balls, they never locate the ball---

There is a reason why edmonton lost so bad to BC in game 1, because jarious is a deep ball thrower and he was just airing the ball out deep and edmonton Dbs dont look at the ball---

I really think edmonton secondary is either too slow or small at certain positions---

I still dont know why Brad Robinson, He played at BC last year, I was there live, and he was shutting down Paris Jackons, this kid has ridiculuos hops and speed-

Also this D is not getting any better, they have stayed consistently BAD---

THey are not improving at all, because they are not playing young players that have UPSIDE---

The Malveaux's Kai Ellis, Tj Hill, were all cut for a reason because they are not great players-- Also this Richardson, how can he be starting on this team?

Getting rid of Shabbaz who by the way was clearly Edmontons MVP on Defense as he could play safety , linebacker---

I think Edmonton scouted all offensive players and relied on free agency to build a D with aging veterans. They are terrible, they are never close to making plays in the secondary--

THe pass rush might be the worst in the CFL in years, I never hear any pass rushers name being called and how he is beating thier guy-- I honestly think Kai Elllis could play a few seasons and get no sacks and no pressures---

I was wondering what is with Kitwana Jones. I didn't hear his name once during the game and I didn't notice him on the field.
Is he injured as well?

I was pissed when they traded Shabazz. :x I didn't like them getting rid of AB, either.

I was never particularly a Kai Ellis fan. When he was in Montreal he didn't impress, either at DE or at MLB, save and except for one Grey Cup appearance, where he was terrific at MLB, albeit in a losing cause.

That said, I think he's played rather well for Edmonton this season, better than I was expecting.

But now that said, trading Shabazz to get him was a bad deal for Edmonton. Shabazz is heads and tails the superior player.

My other quibble with the Eskimos defence is moving Goss out to the corner. He's one of the best shut down HBs in the CFL, and that's where he should be, not out on the corner. Now he's not bad playing corner, but in the CFL most teams' most dangerous receivers are their Slotbacks, not their WRs. . . therefore your defensive HBs are more important, play to play, than your corners. So Goss belongs back as a HB.

Totally agree, the Stamps made Goss invisable out there.

A trade could be arranged with Toronto in my opinion for either Byron Parker or Willie Middlebrooks. This would solidify the Corner Spot and move GOSS to his natural position at halfback where he is very good.

I think Argos are desperate for receivers also, I think we could trade Rector or Hill for Middlebrooks or Parker straight up. Argos dont have room for both Parker and Middlebrooks on the Defense--

Also no one is answering my question? Why is Bradley Robinson not playing? Is he injured? He must be?

The depth chart said he played last night at corner, I dont believe he did play though--

This man along with Goss should be starting halfbacks, move lenny williams to cornerback. Move in Byron Parker or Willie Middlebrooks at corner after we trade for him.

Bradely Robinson made the most athletic play I have seen in a Football game, and I have watched thousands of football games easily. Jarious Jackson threw the ball deep to Paris Jackson and he had about 5 yards on bradley Robinson, and the crowd was yelling TD and celebrating, when all of a sudden Robinson hit the TURBO button and accelerated and jumped into the air like he was on a trampoline and intercepted the ball with one hand like he was tearing a rebound down in the NBA--

I was watching the game with a friend of mine and we both agreed that this guy should be in the NBA with a vertical like that.

I am not sure why they are not making him their go to guy, when he showed enough athleticism to cover one of the CFL's best receivers in one of his first starts. This dude is CAT quick, so fast and so explosive. I think he could run around malvaeax so fast he would make Malveaux dizzy and he would faint lol.

This is what has to happen, trade our strength which is receiver, pick up a good CORNER, then move goss back to halfback with TURBO Brad WIlliams and get rid of Malveauz- he should be a back up at best---

Bring in Gordon back off injury to provide stability and some size in the secondary for big hits---

I think Argos would do that trade to get a good young receiver in return for a DB that they dont need as they have tons of db's-

ALso would not hurt to find out how the Argos are finding their Db's- they seem to find good ones every year----

How about Jason MAAS to Argos, we can afford to lose him, we have Zabranski who is giong to be good and RAY- We can likely get either Byron parker or Middlebrooks for him also-- That is a great trade also that we should make--

I hope Edmonton brass reads this, because these are trades that immediately HELP both teams. Maas is expendable and the Argos dont even use byron parker at corner because they have 2 other guys they are using-- Middlebrooks and Davonte edwards.

I wouldn't mind trading Mass , not that I don't like him but most of his career has been in the shadow of RR he really deserves a team to get more Reps and I think Pickett will really Blossum under the Tutalidge of Mass .

I definitely wouldn't mind trading Jason Mass. When you have a QB like Ricky Ray, you don't need a great back-up like Jason mass. Ray is one of the best QB's in the league, and he's durable, so having Mass back him up is kind of a waste. If the Eskimos wanted to trade him for a good defender, I wouldn't complain.

Jason Maas to Winnipeg???

This could be a great trade for Edmonton to make. Winnipeg can send Bishop back home and use a real QB, they will be better right away--

In return I think we can land James johnson at DB or Johnathan heffney at DB-- Maybe Javon Johnson, but for sure one of their top linebackers---

Also maybe we could get back Shabbaz for Maas..

I am sure Toronto or Winnipeg should want Maas, as he is a key player for them-- They can give us a good DB and we are set.

Well, it sounds like Maurice Lloyd will be returning for tonight's game, so hopefully his return and the release of Kitwana Jones is enough to light a fire under this defence. If we give up more than 25 points, there better be more changes made on defence...

Well I hope after tonight's game they fire Daly , I can see Hall having loyalties to him but if he doesn't pull the trigger it may cost Hall his job.

Two things about our defence.

  1. I was watching the highlights on TSN, and on the game-winning drive, Burris connected on a 41-yard pass, then a 24-yard pass, and then a 21-yard pass for a TD. That was the theme all night long. Burris kept beating us with the long pass.

  2. Our D-Line still sucks (even though it got two sacks). We managed to shut down Reynolds... hey, go us! yay!... However, Burris managed to rush for 60 yards and a TD.

We need a major shake-up on defence.

I feel for ya Chief. That's how I feel about the Lions D.

Well in all fairness Chief, that 41 yard pass should have been called back for holding. I was sitting right in line to that play and what a brutal non-call! But what can ya do! All go’s back to officiating.