Im watching this and I just can't understand how its so hard to cover a god damn player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 AND 14 and u give Ray that much time to throw the ball cover a man how hard is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was Mann that open!!! And yes I agree with any of you here Chip Cox can stay in Edmonton. Leave him at the stadium just forget about him pretend he isn't there and run away! Let him hitchhike home!! He's gotta go!

Ah, I'm glad to see that members here are finally starting to come around to my point of view.

The 2nd and 14 play was embarrassing, very reminiscent of Burris's last-second TD hail into triple-coverage a few months ago.

The Chip Cox Ineptitude Watch continues:

Beaten on the 2nd and 14 play.
PI call that kept an Edmonton drive alive on 2nd and 10.
Beaten repeatedly on Edmonton's opening drive, including (again) a 2nd and 10 conversion that went for 25+ yards because Cox let his man release free off the line of scrimmage, lost position on him, and was about three steps behind when Proulx eventually made the hit and tackle.
Mann and Campbell have schooled him all half long on the inside. Need a first down? Just throw to Cox's man.

Boulay is awful on the corner. Took a terrible angle that led to the first Edmonton TD, then got absolutely owned on the last Edmonton TD before the half, trailing his receiver by about 5 yards. Have no idea why he's there instead of Woldu.

Ray completed something like 18 of 19 through the half, throwing to wide-open slotbacks underneath with no LB or DB in sight, or over the top to WRs with our DBs constantly in a chase position. Pitch and catch, folks, pitch and catch. This is the same Edmonton offense that got humiliated against Saskatchewan last week.

We let Edmonton drive down the field at will, score at will, and only get stops when our D-line makes a superlative play or the opposition makes an unforced error. Our secondary never makes plays. Hell, THEY NEVER EVEN KNOCK DOWN PASSES. Does Burke know of something called 'bump-and-run coverage'? I never see our DBs jamming the receivers at the line of scrimmage. It's open release all night long, which is why they're all two steps behind on each play and they're never in a position to do anything except tackle the receiver after he's made the catch.

You heard it here first: we are not making it to the Grey Cup final, not with this defense. We are going to get humiliated by whoever wins the eastern semifinal. On the bright side, hopefully this leads to Burke getting fired in the offseason (and Squires too).

Bright spots:

D.J. Fitzpatrick does a better coffin-corner kick than Duval ever has.
S.J. Green looks good.
Brady has had a decent half.

This game is unwatchable. Esk receivers are open ALL FRICKING DAY LONG in the flat and the middle of the field. All day. Every play. No Al in sight. Every pass play on first down is 6+ yards without anyone even making a play on the ball. They get into 2nd and short and convert. Over and over again. Burke is utter garbage as a coordinator, his schemes are bulls*t and he can't adjust on the fly. Our personnel can't be this bad, this ineffective.

A QB that threw something like 160 yards all season has about that much in 2 quarters of play. I don't even feel like going to the game on the 15th. The only thing that is going to save the Alouettes is the crowd, because if Anthony is in for a crappy game such as the one last week against Winnipeg we will be going home at the quarter folks and posting our Grey Cup tickets on ebay.

GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE!! I hope Alouettes players come on this forum and read this. I really hope you players put more of a effort on the 15th because there will be 55 thousand people that are going to be pretty mad sad etc.......Wich also might be the breaking point of Alouettes fans. How many times have we seen the Alouettes go into the playoffs with great regular seasons and do balls all in the playoffs!! We have been teased for so many years. I have always been a believer but im starting to not believe anymore. This might be my last
go around as a fan of the Alouettes!

Ps: As i'm writing this the 4th quarter has just ended. And they show the players sitting on the bench. The faces of the players make me sick. Look all mad and dissapointed. I thought this game didn't mean anything? Put ur god damn head up smile, practice and be ready for the next game thats it!

You're telling me that putting the ball out at the 15 yard line is a coffin corner...give me a break! Fitzpatrick is garbage I hope Duval is back soon!!

I think with this garbage game, the kicker is the last person to blame!

I wasn't blaming the kicker whatsoever... I was saying that with his performance I don't think calling him a "bright spot" was an accurate comment.

Yes, because it's more than Duval ever does in that situation. He almost always overkicks it into the end zone for a single and fails to pin the other team deep. Considering Fitzpatrick was busy being a financial analyst a week ago, I thought he did just fine tonight. Not his fault that Squires and his merry band of men allowed a man free to partially block a kick.

Wah! Wah ! We are garbage. Wah! Wah!

If you guys were such football gurus you'd see the Als played a soft zone defense the last two games, 10, 15 yard cushions, not one linebacker or safety blitz, no stunts, nothing ! Als pounded the Eskimos 40-4 earlier this season. Trestman is smart he's given those two teams absolutely nothing to work from. Completely useless film. I can't wait to see you two eat crow in a few weeks time. more like disturbedandpunked :slight_smile:

For someone who apparently knows so much about football and all of our players, you should read about on facts and stats from this season because if all Duval does is punt the ball thru the endzone then why does he have the second lowest number of singles in the league?!?!? I guess you're right, all he does is over kick it thru the endzone?!?!?! I'd hate to hear your thoughts on all the other kickers in the league who actually do that all the time :thdn:

As for this game, HfxTC is right... it meant nothing and now they have little to work with... I really don't think our pass coverage is the greatest, however the defense that played last night doesn't even resemble the D that'll be playing in the Eastern final. I think we'll be good to go :lol:

Don't mistake the frequency of trying to pin the opponent deep (the attempt) for the execution of said attempt (the result). I like Duval, he's a good player and a good punter, and when he's focused, a very good placekicker, but pinning opponents deep is not his strong point and never has been.

however the defense that played last night doesn't even resemble the D that'll be playing in the Eastern final. I think we'll be good to go :lol:
Sure. Because our defense was been so spectacular against the pass before last night's game. You keep thinking that if it makes you feel better.

Herb, is that you?

Ah, ad hominem attacks. Very classy. I'd ask you to write a coherent rebuttal to my points, but that would be out of your league. Don't let the facts get in the way of your content-free posting.

I'm sorry for not being classy. I'm sorry for week in and week out, I support this team, afterall, only a crazy fan would do that right? Only the best fans would find things to be negative about, even after a convincing victory. I am sorry that I don't agree with you on this Defence being garbage. Had they ranked last in Points Against, or even Yards against, which they aren't maybe I'd be frustrated. But, you want a FACT? They're not. The fact is we're #1 in the East. Just because you "Marked Your Words" isn't a fact. You said Trestman would fail, but he didn't. So, I am sorry discipline that I don't see eye to eye with you, on everything.

HATE THE AL'S ALWAYS DID ALWAYS WILL.....that being said , they left half the team home & the game meant nothing ...al's fans..wake up!!! esks played ok cant take that away from them but the al's were just going through the motions to get the season done with...they wont be easy to beat in the final....unfortunately for them they havent had a lot of fun with the esks last few times they met in the playoffs.....should be interesting ...esks win east & then beat calgary to win the west / west grey cup!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Please Davedude, lay down on the leather couch and tell me: why do you hate the Als so much, where did all that hatred come from ? Because I have seen a bunch of your posts start with HATE THE AL'S ALWAYS DID ALWAYS WILL.....

I seem to remember the Als defensive line having quite a good time against that jumbo super slow oline of Maciocia last time they came to Montreal. You know the game they lost 40-4 where Trestman stopped throwing the ball with 10 minutes left and Cobourne was still laying out 11 yards a run play after play.

We'll see...

And we'll see in just a little over an hour from now.............can't wait!

great game by the al's they needed the special teams big time... pretty good showing by the esks . 4TH place crossover team got real close ...proud of my esks ...congrats to al's!!

all in all a good game !! :rockin: :rockin: