our debt

in the paper it said were in debt to 450 000$ and at the end it said if we dont get upgrades to the stadium or a new one weil be in a bigger financial crisis!!!!

could we be going down the same road as the gades'?
lets call asper heill help us with the stadium

Actually that is correct. The Grey Cup this year will be good to keep things in line for around three years but after that it will be tough. I read an article about the debt being around $700,000 and that will be wiped out for moving the eastern conference. But really improvements to the stadium at least should help out. Just maybe it is about time the Aspers came out of the woods and buy the team. Each year it will be tougher to have a community owned team with of course the exception of the Eskimos because of the large crowd capacity of the team. But if they ever produce three or four poor years on the filed that could hurt them. But I doubt that will happen for now.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2006/04/18/1538824-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html[/url]

Above is a link to Jim Bender's colum talking about Winnipeg's debt. They lost $300,000 last year and are $500,000 in the hole.

with the 700,000 payoff to play in the East, and the GC this year, the Bombers should finsh in the black, one would think.

but maybe we will need some help with the stadium.

what happend to the idea a while back of getting that new stadium built. Thye had a picture drawn up and everything. I heard the guy that designed it (or somthing like that) died maybe thats what happend?

they never allowed it

guys.........you got it all wrong........the financial woes are front and centre right now as part of the master plan to JUSTIFY the new stadium, which is now at the government level of review.......the idea is not dead, its still in the feasibility stages..........think about it, when Bauer came on board we were $5M in debt........to be even now (after the $700K from the league) just shows how they have turned things around.........

The whole drawing for the new stadium was just a concept of what could be, the new stadium issue is still up in the air with the biggest debate on it being downtown or on the red river exibition grounds which has my vote. Though it is all marshy and so forth it is about the best location for a stadium in winnipeg. A new stadium may be the only way for the team to stay out of debt other than the Aspers buying the team. The rammifications of the Aspers getting involved is the corporate identity associated with the team between CanWest Global and Canadinns, I'm sure that Winnipeg has an agreement of some sort with Canadinns and that could be breaking the agreement...or something along the lines of thaty if anyone can make sense of what I said. 8)

Perfect sense! The media in Winnipeg were the ones that stated that the Grey Cup will help keep the debt away from the team for 3 years after that it will start all over unless the stadium had upgrades with more seating and the fans sell out the stadium. The only other way would to have the Grey cup every three years and that is not going to happen. Baur has done a good job but he is the one that is concerned about the future of the Bombers!

Instead of pressuring the city to allow condos to be built in city parks(he was trying to get condos built in Assinaboine Park where the Zoo is located) Sam Katz should think about things that would allow Winnipeg to be a first class sports city, we already have the new arena which is beautiful inside, and all the events that have been held there it's pretty much paid for itself, a new football stadium would be the same, we could host big outdoor events, large concerts and the such. The city wants to put I believe it was 5 million towards a new soccer complex with private funding for the rest of it. Why not collabarate with the group interested in the soccer complex, a football stadium could double as a soccer complex. Bottom line is as I stated before we need the new stadium if we want to compete financially with the larger markets, and stay in the black. and if it takes the financial woes to justify the stadium then so be it we still need it.

The City built that nice Hockey rink, or was it private money?

If the City built it, then they should contibute to improving or building a new stadium.

The arena was funded in part by the government.

To be exact

The MTS Centre will cost $133.5 million. The MTS Centre Project group will contribute about 70% of this or $93 million.


The Government of Canada, The Province of Manitoba and The City of Winnipeg will contribute about 30% or $40.5 million. For every two private- sector dollars, there will be less than one dollar of public- sector investment.

As part of the Business Plan, The MTS Centre Project Group will own and operate the new entertainment centre and the Manitoba Moose.

What is wrong with Winnipeg's current stadium?

its 50 years old and crappy we needed a new one a long time ago

I would say there are a few team that could use new stadiums..... Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Montreal and Calgary

Just cuz its old you think you need a new one? I need more evidence than just age. Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, me ... all old, still good. Of course, I am biased on that last point.

...the mayor bet get his idea of condos in Assiniboine Park out of his head real quick....what bloody nonsense....they have all kinds of turf other than populating a great park.....as far as the stadium goes....build it on the old ex. grounds.....or the old stockyards in St. Boniface....(for those who don't know, St, Boniface is like the French Quarter of WPG. ) though it may be an access problem there...We need new digs.. ...Bauer and guys....get er done... :!:

Take into consideration with all the money that those cities and clubs have and all the upgrades that have been done to the stadiums over the years, really the only major upgrades to the stadium here is the seats, the field and the scoreboard, hell even the north endzone seats are still the old steel benches.

upgrades ..... like replace the troughs with urinals? I know alot of guys preferred the troughs. I think you got a better efficiency out of the troughs ...... but ohhh nooo ... lets spend a whole bunch of money on urinals!!. And as for benches vs theatre seating - well ya know, you get the GF with you sharing a blanket on those benches .. alot more possibilities there than with theatre seating.

On the other hand, I do like the idea of having a stadium in St. Boniface. But now I am thinking that the similarities between Winnipeg and New Orleans are quite significant. Anyone want to start a thread on that subject?

that is why we have the feasibility study.......to determine if we build a new one or upgrade the old.......it will also look at potential locations and determine which would be the best fit........it is gonna take a lot of money from all 3 levels of governement to get it done.....so it will probably never fly.......look for the old place to be upgraded.........