Our D line

After watching last game, I think I have pin pointed what the issue is. It seems our ends (Chick and Hall) do push up the field quite a bit, but our interior is seriously struggling. All it takes is for the QB to step up in the pocket and he generally has a clean release. George and whoever they play at the other DT spot need to push the interior a little bit more.

Hall is pretty weak at stopping the run tho. Probably why he didn’t make it down south.

A lot of people have been commenting on the Connop issue (the interior guy you reference) as the elephant in the room for some time and that they should be moving a Canadian to safety and Brack to LB to get Walker in more often. It has been a huge conversation piece on here. Not saying Connop won't develop...but he is costing here and now. Hall suffer a bit playing beside him and needing to compensate for it...the OL shifts 2 guys to that side and 3 to George and Chick. The switch that up when the slam the ball into Connop's gap. It might mean sitting JR though as I believe he is a designated import....but there are easy enough ways to stick handle around that and get him dressed.

You think teams have exploited Connop...wait until Jones gets a crack at him...his thing is to find the weakness and hit it over and over and over...right to the last whistle...like being up by 30 or whatever last week and still bringing the house on the last play of the game. Think there was heat last weak...that is nothing, especially if Glenn is not at helm. Jones was the death of 'superstar' lb whatshisnut last year...could happen again with a DT. The only way Connop should be in there is if a LB is coming in like 2/3 of the time beside him on a blitz (geeewhizzz...novel idea...attack where they are not blocking) and stunting a bit as well.

The other issue I see is this fricken ridiculous safety blitz and DB blitz...it is pathetic...all the QB does is take a step up and dodge it. It was awesome when they first used it, but using it so often every game teams was used to it and prepared. More of a mind F would be having brack rush in like that then roll into a zone...the play is just way way over used. FFS...Harris is a DB and the sack leader for the team...SAD. It doesn't help that brack got all that attention for big hits and it has went to his head and it is all he attempts now...missing on half of them...it is killing the team....wrap up...get to fundamentals and Chamblin/Quick should be fricken SCREAMING at him and have him on a tackle dummy for an entire damned practice as a friendly reminder.

There are a couple glaringly obvious issues right there...would it solve the defense addressing them...no idea...but when Walker is in the DL looks night and day better, so we know that part with 100% certainty

honestly...If they are set on using a Canadian upfront...use a 3-4 and blitz 1 LB EVERY time...essentially using him as an offset DT that the O does not know the gap he is hitting.

Well I’m not sure what the fix is but I agree Connop is being exploited badly. As I mentioned in the Hamilton game thread Hall was crashing down to the middle a lot and I’m surprise that Hamilton didn’t pick up on it like BC did and have Collaros keep and go around the end. D line men are suppose to on most plays make sure that no one gets the outside edge either qb or rb and turn them back into the middle where they are suppose to be cleaned up. The problem is the middle of the D line is getting blown out and big holes left for the rb to run up the gut. That can not be allowed to continue or teams are going to run on us all day every day.

Funny how last year our D was one of the toughest to run against and a lot of teams stayed away from it. This year with the D being so easy to run against that teams now can really mess with our D and either run or pass with ease. Ideally your D is tough to do both against but at least have one very solid part so teams would be more apt to attack the weaker of the two. When you can’t stop the run at least then your left wide open to be torn apart by either the run or the pass. Run defense should be the easiest to correct, it just takes the right guys (usually bigger, stronger, quicker ) to shoot the gaps and plug the holes. Pass coverage takes more time to develop guys that can recognize different routes, receiver tendencies, coverage responsibilities.

I'm actually surprised that Quamblin (Chamblick? no good way to integrate both names, lol) isn't doing exactly what you have suggested. It's tougher to run 3-4 fronts in this league generally, but recently DCs have started increasing the number of linemen rushing from a two-point stance so they can move around on the line and confuse the OL with different angles and looks pre-snap. Thorpe has been doing this in Montreal since last season and Quick must have had firsthand experience of it, since he was LB coach for us in 2014. It's also a good way to disguise or minimize whatever weaknesses you have in the interior of the line.

Maybe it's taking time to install because this is essentially year one of a new defense? That's the only answer I can offer. Thorpe is in year 3 in Montreal with plenty of continuity, whereas Chamblin and Quick seem to be trying to install something quite different from Hall's patient zone D.

because CC best understands a DB's skillsets and things they can do inside and outside of the box better than he does other positions...so he spreads them all the hell over the place and expects too much from them...complicating a secondary that is struggling with blitcz packages and zone changeups between guys...dropping LBs into coverage to continually blitz from the secondary...you know...because under the new rules DBs are having difficulties covering, so surely a LB who is slower and less agile will do better LOL. he needs to keep it simple...zone with some man...roll the S up sometimes to cover on full LB blitz packages...go 3-4 and bring a LB most plays or 4-3 with a LB backing up Connop or swap Connop out

This is not rocket science...the stuff that should be attempted at minimum is pretty obvious and is not a matter of complicating things...it is about simplifying the secondary and refocussing the front end rush to the front end guys who are actually closer to the line. He has a concept...it does not work, at least w/o being able to play man. He is, right now, either unwilling or unable to change from what he is fixated on running. That stubborness is largely overcompensating for his lack of experience.

Which again speaks to his inexperience as a DC. It's one thing to coach up your position players and get their techniques right (leverages, footwork, etc.). It's quite another to write up a playbook that puts your defense in a position to succeed. I agree with you. Simplify the schemes, especially in year one. Once your players can execute the core packages, then you start installing exotic stuff, slowly and carefully to address specific needs. You guys don't have the horses in your back eight to play all over the place and switch off constantly. So build up a good pass rush based on what you do well as a group and go from there.

What ticked me off was Hamilton's ability to read our blitz and pick up the 5th and/or 6th guy..........we got some pressure but our guys were blovked and nobody had a clear shot on Zach.

How many times did a Ticat blow through and have a clear line on Glenn..............on Glenn..........his left shoulder looked to be the one getting beat up and then he tackles the guy on the INT and blows his right PEC...........our luck is toast.

Glenn threw two horrible INT's this season. The one against argos and this one Sunday............picks will happen but those two were game changers.

But yes our D-line looks disfigured. Doughty behind them seems a mystery too. Sure he is making tackles but on run gains of 6-8 yards? Macho...........sorry but I just don't see him as very effective...............you want to hear your LB'ers names a lot and you just don't hear Doughty and Macho very much.

So..........we're pooched using our 3rd string guy. Between Price and Smith maybe we start to develop the next DD or Drew Willy and can keep them. I also hope to see more youth getting a shot. I have really enjoyed Tyree (admittedly he wasn't very good against the cats), but he's looked okay. Suber.......I get it. But get McGree going when he is healthy, roll the youngsters.

I noticed Telvion Clark not on PR.........did he get cut. For a raw rookie to miss 2-3 tackles in game one to be benched or sacked...........and yet I watch Macho and Brack miss their fair share of tackles along with most of the D guys........unbelievable. They were so high on Clark and I liked his size and speed combo...........I'll look at the roster again maybe I missed him.

But the club needs to infuse youth. Kory Williams.............test him hard and if he can't answer net Roosevelt and White reps reps reps. Now is the time. The team is now in development mode for 2016. Two starting QB's are gone...........time to develop the next studs. It will be painful to watch but if you are going to miss the playoffs make the season count in different ways.

with key injuries to Emory and Mcdougall and no Canadian (national) backups they had no choice but to go with Connop and with Brackenridge whom I belive is still not healthy but Chamblin believed that he had no choice to bring him back to play saftey.
the mangements and coaching staff (Chamblin) decision not to develop and retain a quality pool of Canadian backups is now starting to rear its uggly head and bite Chamblin in the backside.

Brackenridge was brought in because he's an allstar safety and a proven game changer. Sadly he is no more.

You hit the nail on the head that there is no backup for Emry, at least not a NAT backup. Which brings us back to the Foley trade. They had Foley to start at end and had his quality NAT backup David Lee as well. When they traded away Foley for Emry they had no NAT backup for Emry, at least not one that CC trusted (Hurl/Regimbald/Antwi).

McDougall does have a backup (Carter or maybe even Webster) but he was not planned to be a starter, TBrack was supposed to be the starter. McDougall only started week 1 due to injury of TBrack. Connop was supposed to start (backed up by Agbaje - now Tennant), remember that was the plan, they tried to hide Walker on the 6 game with a fake injury to do this. Then after week 1 they realized that Connop wasn't going to cut it so they reactivated Walker. The problem was that they couldn't start Walker because MacDougall got f'd up on the opening kickoff so they've been stuck with Connop's birth certificate ever since and Walker can only rotate in on certain packages.

So this whole mess is all because they failed to backup their NAT starters with NAT backups. CC and Taman share this as far as I can tell.

If they had not traded for Emry Foley could be the 7th NAT starter and if Foley had gotten hurt just like Emry David Lee would be doing a solid job at end RIGHT NOW!

Right now the only realistic way to start Walker is to start Carter (or possibly Webster) at safety and CC is reluctant to do this. Either because he is afraid of too many rookies in the secndary or he wants TBrack's playmakeabillity that has simply not shown itself and not looking to any time soon.

And after all of this, the defense is NOT HORRIBLE. It plays very well for very good stretches then has bad lapses and comes apart at the worst times. The interception put the ball on the 5 yard line and they got the stop for the FG. They came up huge there. This is still very fixable. Great to see Maze playing MILES better than 2 or 3 weeks ago. Jackson might be back this week. Perhaps LeGree might be soon. Hollins is a wonderful surprise. Doughty has been solid, Knox a strong presence. The line is a different beast with Walker in at tackle. I still like where this can go.

Brack has never ever been a solid coverage Safety…him struggling in zone is no shock…it doesn’t help that they have him blitzing so much…it is beyond ridiculous…put him in at LB…b1tch slap him if he goes for another superman tackle

here is my problem...Hall is not containing the edge...he is getting rather pushed around...connop is beside him and has his problems as well...Part of Hall's problem is the tandem...but he is still often getting pushed around

The players like CC
CC is actually coaching fairly well over all, BUT

  • he has not recognized or addressed weakness on the DL and tried something different
  • He has not slapped guys around for the superman whiff tackles...they are pretty when they connect...a nightmare when they do not
  • He is still convinced that a DB blitz should happen 6 times a game
  • He has not even attempted a Canadian Safety to try new things since MacDougall went down

I think CC has the ability to be a top end coach...he just needs to put some ego aside and adjust more...and for the love of god...stop bringing in aged vets in the offseason...that is all on Chamblin, NOT BT...BT wanted to get younger this year

I think he will be a top coach...unfortunately he may have to lose a job once before that happens.

How about we dump Hall and use a lower paid end and use that money on Jones if he becomes available? Keeping him away from the Stamps would do as much harm to them as it would good to us.

Hey if we can’t win the cup then watching the Stamps also getting hammered is a great consolation prize. :cowboy:

there is LOTS of money available now

Jones...I would only drop the 200k on him if he can play tackle...not sure he can

I'd be going hard after Jones and Heenan if both become available. Move Adcock or Fulton and Clarke. Maybe bring in a solid defensive tackle in a trade.

well then if there is lots of money grab Heenan too if he available. Make the O line massive and run the friggen ball all day. Beside with that kind of beef on the O line Smith would have more time to find the open guy. Worse case like I say would be we could pound the ground all game and keep the other teams offense off the field as much as possible. Hard to score when your not on the field. :wink:

Lol were on the same wave length. Not sure about moving Adcock or Fulton, Clarke is doable although he has played pretty well too. Trading for a solid D lineman or an LB wouldn't be a bad trade either.

I like Best and Labatte but both have taken more then their fair share of penalties this year. Perhaps move one of them and keep the younger guys?

Yeah...I would be moving LaBatte IF you could sign both...but chances are one at most comes available. Right now...for o and young QBs...my first call would be to Garcia.

Sick of talking about D though...even though it is the issue. I am actually not insanely worried about the O w/o Glenn...it will not be as good but I think it can still work...doesn't matter if they can't stop the other team though

Clarke has played well no doubt about it, but I think that Jones would be a big upgrade. Plus Jones is what, 25? He still has a career ahead of him. Same thing with Heenan. Our o line has been playing pretty well, but these two guys would be a big improvement, both are Canadian, and open up options to make a move to fill some holes elsewhere on our team.

Ya our o hasn't really been an issue this year. If nothing else, maybe it will cause us to rely on the run a little bit more? Eat up some clock, and keep the opposition on the bench (in theory) and not rely on our defense to make a stop (because they can't). I think Chapdelain has done a great job of getting the ball into the hands of his play makers. As long as Brett Smith can do that, and isn't forced to put the team on his back and win we should be ok.