Our D-fence

My mistake as well. I ment Young, got my names mixed up, Forde didn't help with that either tho.

Bottom line, OK Young(#23) got burned playing man to man. Coach Creehan had him playing that way, fair, but we might have neutralized Dressler by switching to zone, but that's for the coaches to sort out.

Our D-line has to take some of the responsibility, If there is more presure it helps out the DB's

Ok that is the first thing i have laughed at in days. I actually said that several times on Friday lol

My biggest frustration? NO ADJUSTMENTS!!! OMFG I think everyone in the world knew what the next play was, but our coaching staff didn't seem to. Some time during the 3rd I started yelling "it's going to Dressler" lol

Krisiun wrote:

"Poor tackling.
Linebackers way out of position."

I seem to recall a number of speeches made by Creehan during training camp that he was going to emphasize technique and the basics and leave the fine details like the plays for later. That he was big on players being able to play the position.

Either he didn't shout loud enough during those practices, the players aren't good enough or the DC got to improve. But, somethin's got to get better....

I'll answer that question, it's the players. Remember two years ago when we had Greg Marshall as our DC. Many were dissappointed with his "bend don't break" way of playing and the fact that his defense was not agressive. I truly believe he knew exactly what he was doing, as you can't play a pressure defense when you don't have players who are skilled enough to play man coverage or have the skill and speed to get to the QB. The result ... you give the opposition short passes and let them move down the field 5 and 10 yards at a time and hope they eventually make a mistake on two plays in a row so you get the ball back. During this time, our defense was notorious for giving up plenty of yards, but not that many points.

Oddly enough Greg Marshall was a very experienced defensive coach, and was unfortunately snapped up to be a head coach. The head coaching position didn't work out, but he's not the first to fail at that. Personally, I wish we had his experince back.


WE have a defense?

I avoided Friday nights scores the entire long weekend in hopes of coming home tonight (Monday) and watching the Tiger-Cats kick some butt!

And I'm still waiting...

Do we have a defense? Seriously!?

We mad a weak Riders team look like Beasts!

We are in for a long season if our defense doesn't get better in a hurry.


We made the Riders look like the Colts. :oops: :oops:

hey by the depth chart. looks like our linebacking core will be the starters again tonight against the lions maybe they were seeing what we saw hopefully

old fan: my thoughts exactly.
Creehan has been described as a"lunatic" and a "screamer". That worries me a lot. I was expecting a red hot defence against Saskatchewan but instead we got what you noted. I am surprised Creehan was hired given his overall inexperience. Coach Cortez has enough on his plate with being HC and OC.
I hope Markeith Knowlton fires the defence up for tonight's game.

Well, D wasn't fired up enough. Burned by another RB. Pass defense was pretty good. Run defense was virtually non-existent. It's going to be a long year if this problem isn't fixed and quick.

As much as I, like most people on here, hate the Argos, Boyd'll torch us heavily if we play him the way we played Harris tonite & Streets last week.

D was much improved form week 1.

Remember, 10 pts came of turnovers , 7 on return. Also, they played with a short field most of the night due to our poor special teams play

I have to give the defense some credit, they played better last night. The DBs actually made a few plays and they did have a little pressure on Lulay at times which caused him to make some poor throws. For the first time in a long time they didn't give up a ton of passing yards, and they did have a number of 2 and outs, which are awesome.

The run defense still could have been better, and when the game was on the line in the 4th quarter they were unable to come up with the stops needed to give the Ti-Cats a chance to win. I don't know what was going on at the start of the play in the fourth quarter when they had a ton of guys near the line of scrimmage and they gave up the 61 yard run to Harris. The defense also lost the turnover battle once again and dropped what could have been some game changing interceptions. Sooner or later they are going to catch some of those balls and it will make a huge difference. It also appeared to me that they don't have much of a resemblance of any blitz packages. Seemed like they just rushed 4 all night. Compare that to what BC was doing and it looks pretty vanilla. I'm not saying they should blitz all the time, but you have to once in a while and then show it but drop back other times to put the idea in the other teams head.

Overall I was glad to at least see some improvement, and it appears the team is getting closer to figuring out which personnel should be on the field, but there is still a way to go. Hopefully the special teams will show some improvement soon. That was a brutal display, but not for discussion in this thread.


No need to panic, PJ.

Just keep the faith....

The defense will be fine. We need to fix the missed tackles and get Peach healthy as the ends are non-existent, the tackles actually get decent pressure on a lot of plays.

We've found something special in Matt Bucknor. A rookie un-drafted free agent isn't supposed to be able to cover Arland Bruce and Geroy Simon like he did last night

Yes, Bucknor was quite impressive.

Boyd and Harris are two completely different backs. Harris is more of a slasher who uses elusiveness to gain yards, while Boyd is a pounder who just tries to run people over. The Cats have played Boyd well in almost every game he's played against them. I think they can stop him once again.

Of Harris's 147 yards, 98 were on two runs near the end of the game. The rest of the game, he was pretty ordinary. (Sound familiar?) I don't see a problem stopping Boyd, although he'll probably have an ok game, maybe ripping one for decent yardage.

I'm more worried about stopping Owens on returns. He's deadly against good coverage; if we don't fix that part of our game, we'll be giving them a very short field. I think part of that is that Bartell isn't angling his punts to the sidelines. They were always between the numbers last night.

I still have hope for our defence in the long run, but it was extremely frustrating that they couldn't stop the run when it mattered most at the end of the game.

The Cats stacked the offence in the off-season and neglected the D. They're giving up an average of 40 points a game and that's a recipe for disaster. The line is awful---zero pressure and that means trouble for the secondary. The O-line isn't much better and if Hage is out, it's even worse.

They could be 0-3 soon.

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