Our D-fence

I’ve had my doubts about R. Williams at linebacker…was Kevin E. even playing tonight? I realize the DB’s are going to be the obvious focus. But, something doesn’t seem right in the mid section either.
The D-line has been an even bigger doubt. I don’t blame the Cats’ organization with regard to lack of perennial stars on the D-line. Whenever we have a great lineman they sign NFL contracts.
Tonight appeared to expose some current areas of concern/weaknesses.

R. Williams wasn't all that bad. DLine couldn't shut down the run.

Carlos Thomas got burned all night long, I thought he was better.

Hinds absence was noticable, but wouldn't have helped that much, he's a corner.

We need to to cover the run better and playing BC next week, if our DB's don't shape up quick, there'll either be a lot o' changes or a very long season.

Truth be told though, Offence didn't help them out very much, but save that discussion for another discussion.

Forde at TSN showed that Thomas was playing Dressler man-to-man, and had to run through a LOT of traffic to match Dressler's motion behing the LOS. This gave Durant the underneath pass to a wide-open Dressler all night. They could have switched to a zone defence, but I don't know if they have practiced it at all.

Defensive backs can't cover.

When the actually do cover, they let the receiver catch the ball and then try to make a tackle instead of trying to knock the ball down.

Defence...most of them...can't tackle.

I've seen this movie before.

It's called Groundhog Day.

Well this definitely didn’t happen because Thomas didn’t play. He was on the one-game injury list. What player are you talking about? The starting secondary was Matt Bucknor (#26), Geoff Tisdale (#31), Bo Smith (#2), Dee Webb (#5) and Marcell Young (#23).

Who is this mythical Thomas? No player named Thomas suited up for the Cats tonight. The only Thomas the team employs is Carlos Thomas and he was on the injured list.

Saskatchewan had the worst offense in the league last year.

What does that say about Hamilton's defense tonight?

D-line sucked. No pressure.

My bad, it was Young. Serves me right for trying to defend a non-playing player... lol

The defense was out matched and out played. I think there are several issues to consider. Firstly the D-Line. The rush ends where biting on the fake runs, breaking contain as well as taking an inside lane in hopes of getting a sack. This is largely due to inexperience. I know that A. Stewart is an older player but he has experience. Obie needs to bring him in even if it's for the season to help mature the line. With Stewart on one end and Peach on the other we will for this season have veteran savy and a reasonable line. The other option is to go to a 3-4 defense. We have a good linbacker sitting on the sidelines.
Secondly, our d-coach needs to make adjustments. Young was having issues covering maninly because of the interference he had to fight through to get to cover. A lot of the issues were caused by the linebackers playing tight on the line in order to guard against the run. So either go to zone or move them back. I'd rather give them 5 yards on the run than 15 on the catch.
All in all I think George and his coaches got out coached. Their team was not adequatley prepared and when they got behind they couldn't make the adjusments that were needed. Yes the game is faster that practise!

You can't switch to a 3-4 now, it's too late. You have to make do with whatever Creehan has installed. You might see the occasional 3-4 look, but if you don't have a legit nose tackle who can handle the responsibility of being the only tackle at the line, you won't do anything.

Creehan better have mixed in some zone looks, though. If he makes his unit go man the whole way, it will be ugly.

Duran had all the time in the world to pick out his open receivers while Smilin Hank was on the run all night.
The differences between the two defenses stuck out like a boil on Shawn Crable's ass.

Our offensive line was just as pathetic.

Most of us on this site were pushing for improvements in these two areas throughout the entire off season.

Think I'll hit the sack early next Friday night to avoid further frustration and humiliation.

I think the problem with our run defence was also the defensive ends but also subbing out our three best linebackers and also switching them from were they are used to .Kevin eiben is a good linebacker but he is not a markieth knowlton. on a couple of plays eiben looked slow and couldn't tackle .remeber if i am correct didn't they move him into jamal johnsons spot.the old linebacker set up would have improved the d fence

This is where good NI depth and a sustainable NI starter structure are so critical. Cats were forced into a sub-optimal LB alignment purely because of ratio considerations. Eiben is not a quality starter in this league anymore and yet he started at LB ahead of your top defensive player from last year (Knowlton). That is pure crazy, and a serious personnel issue that Obie could have and should have resolved before camp even started.

You can have all the stars you want, but if you're forced to juggle your NI ratio into weird configurations just to get the minimum starting 7 Canadians on the field, you're going to be vulnerable. Adding an extra NI O-line starter would be a significant help but there doesn't seem to be that kind of quality on Hamilton's roster. If I were Obie, I would be talking to Jim Popp right now about a trade. We have a surplus of young NI O-linemen (Bomben, Matte, Barrett) and no starter spots available for them unless someone suffers a serious injury.

This may sound like a tongue in cheek Banshee reference but did the Argos conspire to give us Eiben? :lol: :lol: He looked terrible . Put Markeith in at his regular spot. As mentioned earlier, the defensive ends did nothing all night. There didn't seem to be any halftime adjustments. Crable has long arms but never had them up to deflect passes.from a shortish quarterback. Did our safety(Webb) make any plays? Bo Smith was slow to react in "man situations"from his new halfback position.
Maybe it was first game anxiety but if this is our defence going forward, we are in for a long frustrating season. I sure miss Thiggy and Hickman but what are" ya gonna do?" Yes, I know Thiggy didn't play defence but I'm just sayin. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

We never win our 1st game, and new bodies are probably on the way. We are close, so very close.

I agree with this assessment of Kevin Eiben. He has never been one of the faster linebackers around but his quick recognition and reaction skills made up for lack of speed and allowed him to makes plays. There comes a time, however, when even quick recognition and reaction will not overcome the loss of foot speed with age. You begin to notice that he arrives on the scene of the play a half second or so too late.
Still a good special teams player and can fill the role of a backup, but as a starter, he is going to be a liability on the field and someone the opposing offenses will exploit.

How Obie and Cortez let the whole Knowlton situation develop is frankly unbelievable to me. Knowlton is your best defensive player. Imagine if the team said, "Hey, we're going to start Quinton Porter and dress Burris as a backup due to ratio considerations." You do whatever you have to do to get your playmakers on the field.

Swapping in a NI O-linemen would be a good start.

No problem. I just saw two people mention Thomas and wondered who they meant. My hope was that by quoting both of you, one would show up and clue me in. I thought it was Marcell Young you were referring to, but I didn't want to be presumptuous.

While I agree with pretty much everything you wrote, I do have to correct you on one thing. Markeith Knowlton was not the team’s best defensive player last year. He was the best in the league the year before, but he was a complete non-factor last season.

A complete non-factor? I didn't know that. I thought he was still good last season. And it was hard for anyone in particular to shine in Chamblin's system, it seemed to me.

The most frustrating part about watching the defense was that it looked exactly the same as last year.

Holes for Durant to exploit everywhere.
No QB containment.
No pass rush.
Poor DB coverage
Poor tackling.
Linebackers way out of position.

This was supposed to be all the fault of last years DC Cory Chamblin. So this off-season we bring in a new DC and the result is identical. So is the problem the players or the schemes?

Even their personnel choices are questionable. Late last year it seems as though we were possibly turning a corner with our ongoing DB woes. We brought in Loyce Means, Milt Collins and Woodny Turenne. These 3 seemed to actually play with some potential and yet all 3 were released in training camp. Yet somehow we end up retaining guys like Smith, Thomas and Young who are/were and will get torched repeatedly.

Finally, what type of a system cripples the best linebacker corps in the league? All 3 of them are always 10 yards or more off the ball when it is played and by the time one of them closes in it's a 1st down. How many times do we have to see the opposing QB throw a pass to the flats with absolutely nobody around the receiver? It happened all last year and here we go again deja vu.

As for the D-line and their ability to contain. :roll: