Our coverage team

Is it just me or does our kick coverage team suck. I know Shivers made a great play on that one kickoff but other than that we looked really porous on our coverages. To be a Cup contender we need to have a first rate kick cover team. :cowboy:

our coverage team is fine, some notables who are constantly in on tackles are, fournier, beswick, mariuz, carter

the problem with our kick-off team is that Sandro cant get a kick over the 20 yardline, its hard to cover a kick wen the guy is already on the 20 when he gets the ball

so its not so much our coverage team its Sandro who cant kick the ball deep enough, and also think bout it, the only play you mention when we did a good job covering on the shivers fumble, is when sandro kicked the ball past the 10

just my 2 cents


I thought, up until tonight that we were very good a covering kicks. I wonder (and hope) that this is a one-off game. Actually I did think they covered kick-offs reasonably well, but their punt coverage left something to be desired. (I wonder if they're keeping more players back to block to avoid having any more blocked punts?)

It is one game, give them a break. Our coverage unit also had the game changing play in the game.

Have to give credit to O'Shea though, he's doing an incredible job.

that is a very good posibility that they are playing it safe and trying to avoid any more blocked punts

also lets remember we wer playing against chad owens who is no slouch, hopefully this was just a off game for them because i no we hav a very good special team unit (other then sandro) id even go far enough to say we have the best special team unit in the league (once again lets just forget bout sandro for a second)

With Wilbur doing the kickoffs and punting, I agree the coverage teams are much better. His height and hang time give us time to get down field and fill our lanes. :cowboy:

im hoping wilbur wasnt doing kick-offs cause hes still a little banged up, he has been a good find for a punter and kick off specialist, obie does it again :rockin:

Coverage team has been better previous weeks for sure. Last night Wilbur was not 100%, and the Argos have always been good at blocking on teams. This was the difference last night. Why do you think they seem to have a great returner every year? They know how to block, and are also masters at concealing holds and illegal blocks on returns.


Wilbur’s hang time and distance make a huge difference. Another interesting note, Sandro had not missed when he was not doing kickoffs as well, maybe a pure coincidence but maybe not.

Based on last night's game, our coverage team on kicks did suck. I would hope that Easely will be able to sort
this out before Labour Day. The poor coverage cost us a lot of yards last night!

Shivvers remains a question mark for me. He makes some great tackles but consistently gets beat on pass
coverage. Dennis might work out better on pass coverage than Shivvers. I wonder if this is doable?

Our kick coverage is awesome, Christian and Owens make every team's kick coverage look brutal.

I thought both he and the Cats were heading for big trouble when he rang one off the post.