our coaches should be fired for this reason alone..

for constantly telling the media what our game plan is. Why the explicit word are we doing that? why are they allowing players to tell the bombers to expect a lot of blitzes are they that stupid? Barry is sitting there going thanks now we can be more than prepared for it. Good job you stupid morons of coaches! Go back to college! you guys don't have a clue about pro ball. And we did the same thing on labourday when Taaffe gave his offensive game plan away to the Argo's through the media.
It's just so stupid.

Football coaches do it all the time. In every league at that. It’s part of the culture. It’s also part mental. If the bombers come in thinking blitz you have a better chance at disguising who is blitzing where they are coming from because every time you have a player show blitz Glenn is ggoing to have to decide if it’;s him or not. He picks the wrong guy and that guy drops into coverage: INT. It’s really no big deal that they are talking about it. It’s the same as one saying they are going to run the ball down their throats. Football is about “balls” we dare you stop us kind of mentality. It’s good for the confidence of the team coming in saying we’re attacking you, you adjust to us now.

Whats the big secret. Everyone knows the cats strengths and weaknesses and what they got to work with. Everyone blitzes to some degree. And who says the cats are going to do exactly what they say. Or maybe, taffe expects the opposition to expect the cats to do differents, etc. Its all chess to some degree, and in the end, player execution has a lot more to do with the game than pre game tactics anyhow.

Whats the top secret that was released? Maybe some reverse psychology is at play.

Umm the game plan. It's not reverse psycholgy because Taaffe said what he was going to do against Toronto and came out and did exactly what he said all week long. Now Winnipeg is ready for the blitz and won't surprised at anything we throw at them and obviously they'll be prepared for any type of reverse psychology, like if we come out like we're blitzing 8 guys then drop everyone off. If Winnipeg comes out and scores early and often because they pick up our blitzes etc, then I would hope Taaffe and all his buddies get a bus ticket out of town.

Relax. Everything will be ok.

Unless Taaffe has lost it, I don't buy that he's showing his hand so plainly. Knowing that this information is out there, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cats show blitz and then drop back into coverage, later running some stunts up front to keep things unpredictable. All I know is whatever they do, it has to be better than Vanilla Surprise, as oski so correctly calls the schemes that have been used up until now. Any decent CFL QB is going to pick Vanilla Surprise apart all day long. And up until now, every decent CFL QB HAS picked it apart. So what's to lose by mixing things up?

I really want to see some combo man/zone packages from the TiCats defense this time out. I also want to see some stunts up the middle on Glenn because I feel that if you overload on one side or another, he'll just roll away from you to buy himself time to make his throw. If you get good pressure up the middle with hard play and some well-executed stunts, you force him to throw off his back foot to either sideline, which is to the defense's advantage.

As I stated in the Pats thread, with Matthews as coach, there were a few years there where EVERYBODY KNEW what the Als were about. It's not the philosophy that is the big bad secret. It is how you vary that aggressive approach, disguise it, fake it, etc. to confuse the QB DURING THE GAME.

Ink-stained wretch: Bill, what are you going to do offensively this week against the Falcons?

Bill Walsh: I think we're going to have to work the short passing game, mix in some play action, and run the ball.


I've heard that kind of talk for DECADES in pre-game pressers, talking head interviews with coaches, etc. Football isn't rocket science. What causes confusion in your opponent -- and your side if you tank it -- is HOW you implement your approach in the heat of battle.

Oski Wee Wee,

No big deal.

What you say in the paper may not be what you end up doing.

Not only that, but when it comes to football, it really doesn't matter if the opposition knows what you are going to do. A properly executed play works, no matter who knows what's comming.

When I played, there were a number of times that my team mates and I would tell each other who to block while we were lining up for the play. We'd even tell the opposition the snap count, sometimes. It makes no difference.

Winnipeg can prepare all they want for blitz after blitz, but just knowing makes little difference.

There are lots of different ways to blitz, too. Can't prepare/anticipate them all.

I don't know about firing coaches, but, if only we could fire a few people off this website that would be a step in the right direction.

Years ago (I know I'm dating myself) the Green Bay Packers used to rely on the "Green Bay Sweep". They knew they were going to do it, the opposition knew they were going to do it, the fans knew they were going to do it.

They'd line up for a play, I heard they more or less told the defence it was coming (they knew anyway) and they basically dared the defence to stop them. Gerry Kramer pulled from guard, Jim Taylor blocked, Paul Hornung got the ball and they ran the sweep. Sweep left, sweep right, didn't matter. They ran it and made yards and got the first down and won most of their games.

Yes and last time I checked Lambardi coached teams never broke or set no scoring records. He was all about making no mistakes and boring the other team to death and he is the most overrated coach in football history. In todays game with the depth of a defences playbook and the type of blitz packages they run there'd be no way Lambardi's style would work, even back then it barely worked.

Not sure why so many seem so down on our Defense. The stats (comparing points allowed to minutes played) show them 6th in the league not far out of 5th. If they got a little rest once in awhile heck they might be ok. After 9 weeks we were 4th in Takeaways and 4th in +/-. Out of 25 Defensive catagories the Cats were last in only 2.

Our offense on the other hand is dead last. (points scored per minute on the field) No big surprise there. But what I find shocking is how far behind the rest of the league we are. After 9 games we also had the lowest time of possesion and lowest number of plays from scrimmage.

It looks something like this:

POINTS FOR per minute on the field
Hamilton 0.62
Montreal 0.73
Edmonton 0.80
Winn 0.83
Toronto 0.86
Calgary 0.87
Sask 0.93
BC 1.00

POINTS AGAINST per minute on the field
Toronto 0.65
Sask 0.70
BC 0.70
Montreal 0.77
Winn 0.84
Hamilton 0.91
Edmonton 0.95
Calgary 1.03

Doesn't change our record but some food for thought anyway. :slight_smile:

Uh huh.


9-1 record in the playoffs.

Innovator of ZONE BLOCKING in the NFL. Google it. LMAO

"Lombardi went on to accomplish a 105-35-6 record as a head coach, never suffering a losing season. He led the Packers to a still-unmatched three consecutive NFL championships in 1965, 1966, and 1967, and also helped the Packers to handily win the first two Super Bowls."


Name ONE head coach in American professional football who has called Vince Lombardi overrated. Unreal.

Oski Wee Wee,

We blitz???

its obvious taafe didnt take this job seriously, he was gonna fired at the ncaa, and most of the college jobs were getting filled, he saw the ticats head coaching job one last big pay day before his son went to college, so he took the money and ran with it. This team has one win, and this guy hasn't even blown up on the sidelines or in the media, he hasnt brought any fire and brimstone attitude. He seems disinterested, the team seems disinterested, the owner keeps hyping up gold jerseys, new downtown head offices, and other marketing gimmicks, yet this team is still useless.Taafe just hired a bunch of his coaching cronies, and started a damaged goods injured QB, look at the QB competition in camp, they had 5 QBs, and the top 3 that made it weren't even the best 3. Also explain to me how Rocky Butler was only good enough to be a practice roster QB in hamilton, yet he is good enough the be backup- acutally the only backup QB in toronto, and he actually started for them. Taafe, doesn't give a damn, he punked bob young for his money and got paid and got a bunch of his cronies paid too.

Where do all these people think that these assistants are his cronies. Candidates were interviewed at coaching conventions across the U.S. These aren't Charlie's beer buddies here. He might know them and have worked or crossed paths but no good coach gives his buddy the job just because.

And to whoever it was that decided to bash Lombardi. Please remove yourself from this board because you obviously have no idea about football.
To say his style wouldn't work today shows your obvious lack of insight. Like previously mentioned he introduced the zone blocking running scheme. which in case you duidn't know is used today many teams in the NFL and is currently becoming the new "trend" in the NFL. It has a ton of success against the sophisticated defences and playbooks you speak of. Denver has turned 1,000 yard rushers out of undrafted free agnets and late draft picks for years using it. Atlanta lead the league in rushing many years based on it.
Just because Lombardi's teams didn't set the world on fire wth records does not diminish what he did as a coach. The goal isn't to set records. It's to win period. Joe Montana has very few single season or career regular season NFL passing records. He does however have 4 Superbowl Rings in 4 tries. He's considered the best because he won championships, much like Lombardi.