Our chances of making the playoffs

We have 2 games in hand on the Redlacks as they have played 14 and we have played 12.

We will need to win both out Montreal games and beat Ottawa at home to have a chance. It is most likely that Ottawa will win one of the 2 sask games and the BC one in BC so that means we have to win against the Argos this weekend as beating WPG in winnipeg is going to be real tough but not I'm[possible and beating Calgary in Hamiltion will be even tougher.

I hope we paly better against Montreal then we have in the past and that Durant doesn't regain his old form against us .


At one point, I was afraid we would be 0-18, so I'm still hanging on to whatever chance we have!

Montreal has been very hard to watch lately, they are just brutal, even worse than the bad Hamilton. But our having a chance of making the playoffs is a strong vote for a single division.

Very good points Tabbyfan and Palmer

I guess we just have to take it one game at a time.

I think if we can beat the Argos this weekend then it will show that we are for real after beating BC in BC

i Think Masoli needs to run for about 60 yards for us to win and Alex Green has to have a good game and get alot of touches.

I think we will need to score more than 30 points to win this game

Going to be hard to stop Wilder, but our run D is near top in the league from what I remember so it will be a good test. If we don't stop WJ we don't win, simple as that.

It's simple really . If we lose this weekend,and the RB's win their game ? Then we are basically plucked and chucked for this season . The one thing that could screw us and that no one seems to be talking about is that damned tie and the extra point that accompanies it the RB's had earlier in this season. That tie point may indeed loom large and might just be our undoing on this season if we don't manage to beat the Nots this Saturday .

Worse case scenario this weekend ? We lose and the RB's win = Ott - 6 - 8 - 1 - 13 / Ham - 3 - 10 - 0 - 6 ....Would basically for all intents and purposes eliminate us for the season . We would be 7 back with only 5 games to go . We would have to sweep both games vs the Als , win again in Ottawa and then somehow take one of two against the two CFL power house teams this year in games against Calgary (home) and Winnipeg (away) , while hoping that the RB's don't win another game this season .
In a nutshell ? Under this scenario.....I don't particularly like our chances to be honest .


The best case scenario this weekend ? We win and the RB's lose = Ott - 5 - 9 - 1 - 11 / Ham - 4 - 9 - 0 - 8...and suddenly the gap is down to 3 with only 5 games to go . Huge difference and a sudden 4 point swing from the above worse case scenario . Especially with Ottawa only having 3 games left to play with one of them being against us and the other two both on the road against Western opponents in BC and Saskatchewan .

and finally......

The we win , they win or the we lose , they lose scenario for this weekend ? Not a great scenario by any stretch but on the other hand certainly not the end of the world if it happens . Nothing basically changes and the status quo remains the same with us still being 5 pts back regardless . The caveat though in all this would be that we would still have 2 games in hand with 5 games to go to make up the deficit . We could still theoretically afford losses against both Calgary and Winnipeg and if we can somehow sweep our three remaining Eastern games (@ Mtl / @ Ott / Mtl ) and with losses by the RB's against both BC and Saskatchewan we would be in and they would be eliminated .

Ott wins = 6 - 8 - 1 - 13 (games remaining...@ BC /@ Sask / Ham )
We win = 4 - 9 - 0 - 8 (games remaining...@ Wnp / Calg / @ Mon / @ Ott / Mon )


Ott loses = 5 - 9 - 1 - 11
We lose = 3 -10- 0 - 6

And you could look at, If we do make the playoffs after the start we had, We are playing well enough to be playing in the playoffs. After an 0-8 start , If we finished 7-3, We fully deserve to make the playoffs.
It's sports, It's not how you start, it's how you finish that counts!

Must win game for the Cats. The Ticat Defense is firing on all cylinders and I feel they can contain the run game and hammer Ricky Ray the last time he was in town.

What I would love to see is a 4td Game by the offense and stick with the ground game like they did against BC.

Toronto played Montreal which is a Mess and Edmonton which is on a downward spiral and were absolutely brutal in the field goal department against Toronto. That's why the signed swazey waters.

"SINGLE DIVISION"...please never happen!

You don't give up 60 years of East vs West because the last few years of West dominance.

I would hate to see an Esks vs Stamps Grey Cup in Hamilton or Toronto.

If there was no crossover or if Ottawa could finish the season with their 3rd string QB, Lindley.
I think it's too late this year

I went to the Winnipeg/Saskatchewan Grey Cup in Toronto a few years back. That seemed weird enough, even though Winnipeg was playing in the East, and had been, on and off, for a number of years. I too would hate to see an all Western (or an all Eastern) Grey Cup, although, given the way this season has gone in the East, this could be the year.

Let's not forget that last year very few were picking weak Ottawa to overcome powerhouse Calgary, but not only did it happen, it was a close, exciting game. It makes absolutely no sense to do it the East/West way we do it now, given the disparity, but that's what we do. It's our Canadian way, I hope we continue.

Ottawa winning the game last year actually hurts the argument for keeping it as it is. Many would argue that they shouldn't be there, don't deserve to be there, and makes the entire regular season pointless if you only have to get hot for 2 weeks to win the Grey Cup.

While im not for the 1 division because I am a bit of a traditionalist, the last few years have been ugly and not good for the league's image.

If I was a fan in the west right now I'd be fuming.

But Ottawa was a lot stronger last year despite their record. I was at the Ticat/Ottawa game in Ottawa last year when Hamilton won in OT, they had rested many of the starters.
They went on to beat the West crossover team when they had a lot of players back from injury, that's how football works.
Having a 16 win season like Calgary did, doesn't mean a lot when they can't win the big one.
It's a 20 or 21 game season.

Slim and Nill. And Slim just left town

Nobody's talking about finishing first, which is what I'm still hoping for, because I really don't think the second place finisher in the East has much hope of playing the Grey Cup this year.

If the Cats win all 4 of their remaining games against Eastern opponents (TOR, home & away vs. MTL, and @ OTT) and TOR and OTT win no more than 1 game each against their remaining Western opponents, even while HAM loses both (@ WPG & home vs. CAL) of theirs, the Cats finish first.

In my mind, the toughest challenges to making this scenario come true are:

  1. The game this week vs. TOR
  2. HAM @ OTT on Oct. 27th

The key to keeping the dream alive is a win here on Saturday night.

La seule question est de savoir si Hamilton peut terminer la saison avec une meilleure fiche que la 4ième meilleure équipe de l'Ouest. Il est clair que les Tiger Cats vont surpasser les Alouettes au classement. Restent donc les rivaux de l'Ouest. Ce ne sera pas une tâche facile pour Hamilton, considérant que le bas du classement se resserre dans l'Ouest.

Pas impossible, mais peu probable à ce moment-ci.

Bonne chance!


Mediocracy should not be rewarded. Only teams with winning records should move forward. Let's have one division. The season is just exhibition to get much needed revenues but in the long term fans will stop supporting the league.

Tough to do 1 division with the unbalanced schedule. It would require an overhaul of the schedule as we know it. Less games vs the East (our rivals) and more against the West.

Winnipeg/BC/Calgary already draw terribly here (in the East)... do we really want to play BC twice and play 2 11pm games?