Our Canadian Flag

Drew reports we have sent our Canadian flag to Ottawa at the request of the Redblacks for their opening ceremonies at the game tonight. It will be a great honour to see our flag being used to honour a fallen soldier from Hamilton.

Just heard the same thing! With the largest Canadian flag it will be fabulous to see! Just hope they show it on the Pregame ceremonies on TSN. Glad they asked to use it.

Sure would be nice to have it back in Toronto for our game at the "Dome", as well. :wink:

i'll be watching for sure.

I heard that flag is the largest flag in Canada? anyone else hear this?

Here's a link....40 fact about our flag......fact #12 according to this article it is indeed the largest flag in Canada which cost a cool $15,000 to manufacture,it says that the flag is so big that it'll never be flown due to its sheer size.

[url=http://www2.canada.com/shareit/voices/canadiancool/story.html?id=5b237172-8081-45f1-b587-e76519c31c03]http://www2.canada.com/shareit/voices/c ... 6519c31c03[/url]


thanks for the article Bobo

Three of our staff have gone to Ottawa with the flag to ensure everything goes well. Our hearts are broken by this situation.

Wasn't at last game so did anyone notice if they had repaired the seam that's been coming apart on the right divide between the red and while?

To see our Special Flag in Ottawa tonight was very special indeed :frowning: All the players holding it man I had tears :frowning: God Bless Canadians and all our Players in the CFL great respect at the game for Crp Cirillo :thup:

Mr Gibson: very nice gesture. It's things like this that make me proud of my old home town.

This is a time for the people of Canada to stand up and be counted. Our flag goes a long way towards this.

It was great to see the Prime Minister (seemingly an avid CFL fan) and many other dignitaries present at the

game to witness the pre game memorial service with our flag as a focal point.

Well if that WASN'T pass interference I don't know what is but Chamblin and his D player think they have a case! :roll:
Fortunately for the Stamps they don't. Tate punches it in for the major. Helps to close the gap after Mitchell deep in his own end tossed a pick that was quickly returned for a TD :oops:

20 - 15 at the half for the greenies.

Sorry all - I wasn't paying attention to which thread I was on an posted the above in the wrong place! :oops: :oops:

I walked into a bank yesterday afternoon and saw a large Canadian flag hanging across the front of the tellers' counters. They also had smaller ones at each desk and more along the wall in behind.

I felt comforted and proud.

And so you should. Too many of us fail to realize how precious our freedom is and the price that was paid for it.

I for one would like to thank Hamilton for loaning us THE FLAG last night. As Ottawawans and Canadians there was not a person sitting in the stands. That was the loudest rendition of O'Canada we have ever heard at Lansdowne Park. (and that goes back to the Rough Riders Days as well).

We Will Remember!

Need it at Rogers today??? :wink:

I was in Ottawa for the game and was very proud that the flag came from Hamilton to show the world that when it comes to crazy terrorists the CFL and the entire country stands together as one!