Our Boatmen have been fined

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Wonder how much the fine is. Can’t be much and I wish we could cover the fine.

If the Bombers knocked us out in our home park and did the same thing with a big lead, I'd expect a fine too. Contrary to what most people seem be posting on here and in the Spec, I thought it was rather a juvenile, classless exhibit of showboating. Save it for the big dance.

How many times have we done something like that before this game. Hmm. Lemme think. It's a round number just can't think of it... oh yeah!!! 0!
This to me was a display that this team has come along as a family and are really loosened up and enjoying the game they play which is crucial. Should they start doing this on a regular basis, then I'd get conerned.

At the time I did not like the celebration, partly because I felt being the CFL the Bomber could still come back and because I think you should act like you've been there before. The more I saw it I began to think that after everything the Ticats have been through the last few years the team deserved to celebrate and you could see the joy in the players actions. It was a spur of the moment thing. The second time was a little to much, but its not like they ran over to the Winnipeg "W" and did something disrespectful.

I don't recall the Calgary Stampeders being fined for their celebrations which were planned out and actually practiced by them.

Point of Order: It's sacrilege to refer to our Tiger Cats as Boatmen.


Good grief :roll: ......can the CFL find any more new ways to shoot themselves in the foot?
If anything, these players should get a bonus cheque for creating such widespread international coverage of their brilliantly executed impromptu celebration........even the Winnipeg fans seem to have loved it for cripes sakes.

Edit to Add:.......I'm getting really tired of seeing the CFL steal money off players and coaches.......we're lucky to have such talent here for such low salaries to begin with.

Funny celebration. Silly fine.

This is typical playoff type show boating and last week was non-official playoff game, you could say. You can bet you'll be seeing that kind of stuff from every team when they score for the next couple of weeks.

If I was a Bomber fan I'd probably be PO'd by their antics but when your season just went down the drain any kind of celebration would get under your skin.

I loved it and rejoiced with them because this (hosting a playoff game) has been a long time coming! Let them celebrate. Are they going to start fining guys for hoisting the Grey Cup over head? Isn't that rubbing it in a bit? The CFL needs to relax.

the fine wont be more than a few hundred dollars.

Nice post!

first point...the stampeders never did anythign like that. second point hilarious celebration but was obviously going to be fined...i would not even think someone would be juvenile enough to compare that to the stampeders old bobsleigh act...which took 4 seconds and did not involve jumping in a 50,000 dollar machine that was not owned by the team or anything. i enjoyed watching it but it has to be fined or who knows what will happen next


One other thing Lund should pick up the tab for The advertising they claim they got from this stunt ( celebration ) what ever you call it , Was a great moment for me and my friends and family watching the game that day . Worth whatever the cost is of the fine hands down ...Yesterday i read how the Lund rep from some store in Manitoba that had the boat at the game was Thrilled with how it all unfolded . Step up and show the CFL that its not always that bad Post touchdown celebrations .Sometimes they have great humor and Fan support from the Home team as well as the victor visiting team as we read on the bombers fan forum . CFL gets the hype but still lays fines . kind of counter productive ..in some little strange way.

Go Cat's Go .....

Drew Edwards in his article today in the Spectator called the CFL the "Curtail the Fun League"

I wonder if the CFL will try to raid his paycheque too now ? :roll:

It was $35,000 not $50,000

In some ways I agree with you, but in other ways, I really do think celebrations like this need to be punished. I thought it was hilarious and loved it (because I'm a Cats fan) but I don't think it does the league or sport any favours. So, when you pull stuff like that off, you should do it knowing that there could be some kind of reprimand -- that may be over and above the flag.

It's probably my hockey mentality, but I really don't think I'd be able to handle being on the other end of these exaggerated celebrations. I do think its unsportsmanlike and really wouldn't fault if an opponent went over and took issue with it. If similar stunts were pulled out on the ice, I wouldn't want to be lining up for the ensuing faceoff.

With that play we pretty much guaranteed a home playoff game. We haven't hosted one since 2001 so the guys that did this celebration HAVEN'T been there before. :lol:

Great post 15_champs... Couldn't have said it better myself. The two guys who started this (Knowlton and Thompson) were two of the bright spots in a horrible season last year and if anyone earned the celebration it was them. We are not prone to this type of behaviour and it made me feel great to see the enthusiasm. They were like kids at Christmas. It was great.
The funniest thing is that Johnson is the one who got called for it and it was Thompson's idea.

I would pay the fine myself if I could.

Ock, good catch. From here on out anyone who refers to our players as boatmen will be banned from being a Ticat fan. :wink:

IMO the bobsled routine was far more objectionable. It was planned in advance. THAT should have drawn a HUGE fine. There is no place in the game for that crap. The boat thing was spontaneous and forgivable but a fine is still in order to prevent any planned repeat of this or any other over the top choreographed nonsense. Thank the Arland Bruce's of the world and the Calgary Stampeders for the necessity of the fine system

But, on the other hand, we can enjoy rubbing the Argo's noses in it by even hi-jacking their own nic-name as they sit at home being spectators and can't do thing-one about it..... :lol: :lol:

At the next game I would like to see a boat by the end zone with 2 guys in ref. shirts inside to prevent boarding.

The OP is a new member here so deserves some slack. Also on this topic, we shouldn't use the "A" word either. Blue team, evil incarnate, Skydome sissies, etc, work just as well.