Our Biggest Need

I'm going to beat a dead dog once again...

Our biggest need is a kicker! Period.

Having a kicker that you are confident in changes the way the entire team plays.

When we got into 30-40 yeard field goal range we should have been able to pound the ball up the middle and atempt to get soem yards on the ground... knowing that we had at least 3 points already secured.

BUT... 30 yard field goals for Jamie Boreham are like 50 yarders... with the wind in his face. He's inconsistent at best.

So... that forces the 'Cats to have to try for the touchdown almost everytime... rather than consistently putting some points on the board.

I don't know forsure... but how many times did we throw INT's while in the 30-40 yard range? Probably more than a few... because we had no faith in Jamie.

And how many field goals did we miss early in the game and have it flat out take the air out of our 'Cats tires?

Oh... we wouldn't have started 0-4 if Jamie could kick.

Lets take friendships and emotions out of this. Football is a business. Jamie isn't working. Cut him.

Sorry... one more thing.

Last year we had to sign a punter because that's something else Jamie can't do. Well...

I could understand paying someone to handle the punts if...

a) They had a leg like Jon Ryan and it was just crazy not to sign him.

b) The placekicker was good. If you have a kicker that's automatic... heck... pay for a punter as well because keeping that kicker is your #1 priority. Jamie stinks. Period.

Wow, wrote this before work and not even one reply. Ouch! hahaha

Wrong. We need a QB!!!!

First things first.

Let's get a coach and then some coaching staff.


Lets hope its Mr.T and he knows were we can get some good players.

Can Charlie T kick? lol

Linebackers. Especially a MLB.

Offensive Line

I don't think our O-Line will be so bad next year, we're really only missing one piece. Kicking, while important, is not our biggest need. We need WRs, a QB, an MLB, as well as 1 OLB to replace Armour. I'm hoping Mariuz takes that starter position next year.

Replace Armour? are you crazy? He was our ONLY effective linebacker last year.

Disagree, I would say Mariuz is better but got less field time. Armour took stupid penalties which time and time again hurt the team. Sorry, but either Armour gets an attitude adjustment or he should leave.

The Bombers signed a very good MLB and it turn their defence around. Good MLBs are QBs for good defences.

Our biggest needs are:

MLB - We need one that can stop the run, and tackle, and i don't mean 5 - 6 yards downfield.

WR - we need a taller go to WR. Someone you can depend on and that can snag some of the tougher passes out of the air. We don't have that proven big receiver.

Backup QB - Someone who can compete for a starting spot in camp and come in and get the job done in case Maas looks like he did this past season.

Hopefully he can kick ass.

I think coaching is our biggest need.

I'm with you on that issue, CK.

I'd like a winning season. Give me that and the rest will fall into place. :wink:

Actually Mark, nothing falls into place without team personnel, whether it be players, coaches or management.

The winning season falls into place behind all these other necessities.

Haven’t been on the site for a while, but when I saw this post I just had to respond. It doesn’t matter how many quality players or coaches we bring in, if we don’t get a impact player at the QB position, we won’t be successful. We could’ve had the best receivers in the league here last year and it wouldn’t have mattered, we wouldn’t have been able to get the ball to them. Maas was a real disappointment…for whatever the reason.

Agree and disagree. It takes more than a quarterback to make up a winning football team.
While the QB is important, I think coaching is right up there with that key position and we'd better get a head coach in a hurry because at this stage, we're lagging behind the other teams.
Few initiatives can even begin without coaching and this includes the guys in the press box.