Our Best Player

I asasume Lumsden is sore, but not injured. Every team
says they want to take away our best player, and force us to rely on the pass, but rather than, "Lumsden left, Lumsden right and Lumsden up the middle", plus screens etc., the 'Cats seem to assume that Lumsden will be stopped easily, and they go away from him.
Am I missing something?

I'm under the impression that Lumsden is more than "sore"--I recall hearing commentators mention that he still has the stomach issue that he came down with following the win against Winnipeg. Not good.

I would say Zeke and destroy is a Junior Sayon in the making this guy fits right into our D and into Hamilton he plays with heart. :thup:and yes Lumsden is our new #42 home town tough boy :thup:

IMO, the two best Cats were Ralph and Setta (and I've been a Ralph basher in the past). Ralph actually caught passes over the middle in traffic and Setta went 3 for 3 which means he did everything that was asked of him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Junior Seau?