Our Balls are too Big and Heavy!!

Seems Marty has got this one right. The league is going to go back to the old footballs next year.


I wonder if CFL QB's are insured against career ending injuries caused by heavy balls.

*Does anybody, when the issue surrounding the ball earlier this year was raised, recall whether they were one of those who adamently dismissed the construction of the ball as a problem? Tsk, Tsk.

Let me see, it's the year 2006, we have technology come out of our gazoozos and a big multi-million, or maybe billion, dollar company can't find some paint that stays fairly sticky in wet weather and doesn't come off as easily as normal latex or whatever they use on the balls? Did Wilson put the balls through rigourous tests with CFL qb's before they just said "these are great"? I doubt it. Dumb and with the attitude they know best, not the players playing the game.

However, the teams were given the balls during the offseason, and the balls were approved. Now there's some whining about them...IMO, get used to it. Until I hear the league say they're going back to the old balls, I won't believe it.

Why, in the name of Ben Zambiasi, should a game suffer to accomodate a new BALL ? And why should I PAY to watch a COMPROMISED GAME ?

It's ENCOURAGING to hear the League recognize the error made, and will actually RECTIFY it.

The first step to solving a problem is to ADMIT the problem !


Now we know why so many of those completed passes are coming loose and are being called incomplete...the balls are too heavy.

Even the NBA is going back on their new balls after a couple of big name players complained.

As a side note, does that mean we can't use that AC/DC song in our football ads? :wink: