Our balls are (still a little bit) bigger

I was one that thought the balls used in the CFL/NFL were the same size over the past few years basically ending the old statement from the 90’s.

While I knew there was a switch in 2018 it didn’t occur to me that that new ball is slightly bigger until watching this segment with Jeremiah Masoli’s former distraction…

Article from the spring confirms it too.

So according to the G&M our balls are bigger and harder this year. Queue the Monty Python jokes…

Manziel is just using this as a scapegoat for throwing wobbly ducks.

It doesn’t seem to affect other QBs threading the needle with tightly spiraled darts.

Didn’t hear any excuses from Manziel. And not going to make this about Manziel. Keep fishing.

The purpose of the thread was that with the old Spalding the ball was actually bigger. Then everybody said they were the same (CFL vs NFL). It appears that the tolerances in the dimensions allows the CFL ball to be slightly bigger.

Both leagues have standards for the minimum and maximum size their footballs but the Canadian ball is, generally, slightly larger. If a CFL ball is constructed to themaximum specificationsand the NFL ball the minimum, which is how they’re currently made, the Canadian football would be a 1/4 of an inch longer and 1/8 of an inch bigger around.

Too bad. Manziel has mentioned this before when he came to training camp. Something about not being used to the grip and texture and he would need time to adjust to the CFL ball. He makes it sound like the CFL ball is inferior and he will first need to overcome that obstacle. Has anybody ever heard another CFL QB say that?

There is nothing wrong with the CFL ball, either in size or texture. The 2018 ball is now made of the same leather as the NFL ball. It can also be up to an eighth of an inch larger depending on inflation. Well within the Wilson specs. Its not like CFL QBs are throwing beach balls around. So ultimately what’s the big deal?

Bo Levi was talking about this prior to training camp. This is not recent news.

Technically, the acceptable specifications for CFL balls are just wider in general, so again, technically, to the minimum specifications they could also be smaller.