Our Balls are bigger

Our Balls are bigger

by Sean Wingrave

[url=http://sportshaze.com/canada/cfl/our-balls-are-bigger-1756]http://sportshaze.com/canada/cfl/our-ba ... igger-1756[/url]

I like his perspective on Canadian NFL fans who "diss" the CFL.

One of my least favorite things is listening to Canadian NFL fans bash the CFL.

CFL bashing has become a pass time.

[b]I just have one question to Canadian NFL fans,

are you football fans or are you NFL fans?[/b] There is a distinction.

... I would argue that most are NFL fans and not fans of the game.

[b]The reason I would argue this point is
that the CFL is all we have here in Canada,

and if you are a true football fan
you would go to games,

or at least watch them on TV.

To me it is that simple.[/b]

The other reason I would argue that

Canadian NFL fans are not football fans is

they either overlook or downplay

the number of NFL stars have came from the CFL.

ESPN has an excellent article posted online

reviewing some of the better CFL players who
have made their mark south of the border.

It confuses me too as why people who claim to be football fans gladly spend their Sunday afternoons on the couch but refuse to see a local game live. It's the same confusion I have as to why junior hockey and the AHL isn't better supported in the GTA/GTH markets. The Memorial Cup is coming to Mississauga this year, yet I know people living within a twenty minute drive of the Hersey Centre who rather invest their time watching the pathetic Maple Leafs on television. I suppose the easiest answer is they are lemmings led off the cliff by the marketing industry.

You have got that right, Ockham, especially your point about Leaf fans.

Just for the sake of clarity, you do mean "Greater Toronto Area / Go To Hell" ... right?

Ha! Sorry for the type-o. A new laptop and need for glasses (I've been in denial for too long now) contribute to a rash of spelling mistakes lately. Of course I meant the Greater Hamilton Area.

It's amazing how many Canadians don't really appreciate the treasure we have in the CFL and Grey Cup. Many don't know how to celebrate the players and the tradition and history here, and same with junior hockey as well. I laugh at people who just think the Leafs and NHL teams and "major" leagues are all that is worthwhile, actually I feel sorry for them that their brains are wired so finitely that they don't know what they have and own.

Again, this is just generally speaking, the Argos and junior teams in the Toronto area do have some great fans no question, and us Tigercats as well.

Thanks for the article ron, I'm sure many Americans who know what a treasure we have in the CFL and Grey Cup are laughing and mystified at these sorts we have here as well.

This fact really struck home during the NHL lockout year. I couldn't believe the number of media outlets and people I knew who stated that we "would have a year without hockey." Excuse me? A year without the NHL, maybe, but hockey was alive and well everywhere else. Which was more than you could say for the NHL before the lockout.

I wonder if an NFL lockout will have any positive repercussions for the CFL in terms of exposure or new interest.


Re: Our Balls are bigger.. the title

I'm pretty sure the balls now-adays (like the last 7 or so years) are the same in both leagues.. The white lines make our balls look stubbier.

I can't help but put a smile on my face when I remember talking with the late Ron Lancaster as we were starting to figure out how we could do something for Prostate Cancer research, about 3 months after my successful surgery. Ron had the greatest laugh/ chuckle.... He just about lost it when I mentioned our slogan should be "Our Balls WERE bigger". Only a person who has had the surgery will understand.

I wonder how long before a young moderator will remove this comment. :roll: :roll: :roll:


More like 16 seasons our balls were bigger. I think it was 1994 was the last year for the Spalding J5V in the CFL.

How about "Our Game is Better", which it is.

I can't find an authoritative reference for either CFL or NFL, but Wikipedia says

National Football League football is specified as; short circumference: 20 3/4 to 21 3/4 inches (527 to 540 mm), long circumference: 27 3/4 to 28 1/8 inches (705 to 724 mm).

Canadian Football League football is specified as; short circumference: 20 7/8 to 21 1/8 inches (530 to 537 mm), long circumference: 27 3/4 to 28 1/4 inches (705 to 718 mm).

I might be missing out on some important detail here (or maybe Wiki's wrong. They give no references for this particular bit.), but it looks to me like it's the NFL that would have the bigger ball if both leagues were using the largest possible sizes within their respective ranges.

Great post thanks for Sharing

The size of the CFL football has been a bit of a myth for some time. The league has used the same size football since 1958(Wilson or Spalding). The one exception was 1985 when Spalding arbitrarily increased the size of the football. The dimensions were increased by 1/4 inch all around - it doesn't sound like a lot but it sure makes a difference. The CFL received its balls in two shipments that year. The league had the option of getting the size corrected for the second half of the season but chose the keep the larger balls for the remainder of the year for consistancy.

Here's an explanation that cites "A Passing Game" re: the old J5V:


Ah, the mythology of the Canadian football. You gotta love it if you call yourself a Canadian, right up there with any puck related stories. :thup:

I am living in Florida right now and when the CFL was shown on the NFL network there was a lot of good comments from Americans I know. I had a guy around our place doing some work who loves football and he was impressed with the CFL on the NFL network.

What bothers me though is the anti-CFL comments and dissing by CANADIANS and CANADIANS that bash the NFL. If you don't like the CFL or you don't like the NFL shut the hell up about it, we don't want to hear the negativity. Bashing the NFL only brings out the people that will diss the CFL, there's no point to it. Just tell us why you like the CFL!!!!