Our 6-0 start a negative?

It was not just Durant that was average, ALL the QBs were average, which was my point to begin with, mike. If Durant is that great a QB, he would not have gotten pulled in the game he started, and made the games where there was no chance winning interesting. He did not do that, because he basically was a rookie QB this year, and people have expected, are expecting too much out of him. If this team is going to make a run at the GC again next year, we need that experienced QB that can come and do the job. This QB may not be the starter, but his experience will a much needed to this team.

Sambo....I think your statement as follows is very clear... He did well because the team did well. When the team was .500 during the rest of the year, Durant performances when he was in there was just as average.

If I look at the opportunities he had to shine, in the BC game where he replaced Bishop early the game was almost close enough to win. With more playing time and experience he likely will win those and I agree his game that he started he didn't look good. But to sit there and say that someone should come into a game when the score is 35-5 with 5 minutes left and be able to make it interesting implying he should have been able to score or light it up is not only foolish but lacks an understanding of what is going on the game of football.

While I agree with you that fans were expecting him to be the next great quarterback, I disagree with you on him looking average based on a average performance by the team. I honestly don't think he played enough to be fairly assessed. If you were to go purely on his play since his injuries then there is no way he should even get a start next year, based on your assessment of average.

btw for the record....miller has stated the riders aren't going out to look for a more experienced starter next year.....they are going to go with the talent they have. So all or really I should say the very little real game expereince Durant and Jyles got this year is all we got next year.

mike.. 35-5 with 5 mins left? Show me a game with that score, or any with the Riders down 30 pts when he came in.. it doesnt matter if you put him in with 5 mins left or you put him in at halftime.. the Riders still would have lost those games. In the games that he did win when the Riders went 6-0, it wasn't Durant that won those games for us.. it was Cates. Durant really did not play exceptional in those games. He just managed the game, which is all he needed to do. If he wants to start, he has to show that he can be a difference maker in games, and I truly don't believe that he has shown that yet. As for going with 3 young guys, then I dont expect the Riders to win 12 games next year. They will be lucky to win 9.

Sambo here is your 35 to 5 score.

[url=http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/68_2008_cfllive_scoreboard.html]http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html[/url]

As for weather Durant, Jyles, Bell, or papercut could start next year and win 12, I totally agree with you that it will be difficult. While I will be hoping for 12 to 14 wins, that is putting unrealistic pressure on these young guys. I truly believe they didn’t get the experience needed to lead the team with that fans should have the same level of expectation they would have from Joseph, Burris, Ray, Cavillio, etc. However, since this is Sask, there will be some who want to believe they will win 14 games no problem.

For me, this past season, with the whole “Bishop” situation was a waste of a year. That is truly unfortunate and nobody in the riders have stood up and said publicly we were wrong.