OUR 1st Job This Off-Season Sign Peter

We must Resign Peter Dyakowski He has become a Good Steady OL
He blocks well for both the pass and Run.
Losing him would pick us back big Time..

OBIE Get her done!!

Absolutely! Couldn't agree more.

Any idea who else is in their option year??
Bauman and Barker come to mind.

Any others?

All 3 are worth bringing back.

Also, I think Porter is, but I'm not 100% sure.

I agree must sign Peter , they also have to bring in someone to compete with Setta and find a kick returner.


The strength of a team rests with its linemen. Hamilton shored up its offensive line with the additions of Goodspeed (via trade) and Gauthier (through free agency). They built depth by drafting rookies Simeon Rottier and Zac Carlson. Peter Dyakowski, a second round draft pick in 2006, is developing into one of the better guards in the CFL.
Amen, some good Management choices that should be retained for next years Season for sure ...

Good Read ....

I agree. This O Line has improved together over the year. I think it would be key keeping them together for next season.

I think that the QB development has to be looked at this off season as well. I don't know if Porter is the answer. (I think that Glenn might be the answer for a few season still) They should look at some other young QBs as well. (This is where I'll make my pitch...and I don't want to start a whole Canadian QB thread...but man does Danny Brannagan look like a poised QB or what. I know that we've had this discussion before, but when I watch this kid play...there's just something different. Local boy too.)

I personally have no doubt Porter is the QB of our future.....why not start Glenn next year with the occasional start for Porter?

I like the system they have with our 3rd stringer too....he has a job and gets on the field from time to time, even throwing now and then.

I think we are just a couple of players away from a Grey Cup shot. I am sure that Porter will be with the team when we win one.