Ouellette rushes for three TDs as Argos take down Elks

EDMONTON — A.J. Ouellette is not used to not having to fight his way into the end zone.

The veteran running back was barely touched as he scored three times in the Toronto Argonauts win 43-31 win over the Edmonton Elks on Sunday.

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Just a fan, far from an expert. But it is certainly easy see there is much lacking with the Elk.
There is some great talent especially on D. but two of the better players are out with injury.
The QB spot is the biggest issue and as usual with the number one struggling big time the most popular QB in the fans eyes is one of the ones riding the bench.
So the question remains do the fans know better or does the coach.
An even bigger question, DOES the coach know.
At least one of the backups looked good, but that was in garbage time. That particular QB also seemed to have the support of the other players in the field so that may be a deciding factor too.
I think the biggest factor is the O-Line not being up to snuff.
A great QB. Cannot do anything good with a poor line. Imagine how a good or mediocre or poor QB fairs.
Not to mention even with the best coaching a good QB will never become great.
So where do the Elk go to improve the win loss column. Lots of stuff is missing for them to improve at this time.
Edit: I thought for sure with Jones the Elk were going to be much improved this season.
Conversely, I also thought the Riders were going to continue on this year where they left off last season.
As I said, just a fan not an expert.

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