never heard this before

"We have seen this movie before with Fred Stamps. Three years ago ironically in Winnipeg, Stamps was inadvertently kicked in the mid-section by Jonathon Hefney. Stamps would end up losing a testicle through the ordeal but under excruciating pain finished the game. He decided to hold off on additional surgery until the end of the 2011 season where he finished fourth in receiving yards."

If nothing else Fred may be the toughest player pound for pound in the league.

Under excruciating pain...I guess! Talk about taking one for the team. Or LOSING one in this case. Respect.

I was at that game while visiting my in laws , took my brother in law and his son to their first CFL game we had a blast I was wearing Eskimo garb and was getting it from all the bomber fans, I thought Stamps had fallen onto someone's foot while trying to catch a ball. If I recall weren't both teams undefeated in that one are were they both on a hot streak.

Stamps is one player from a hated team I would take on mine no questions asked. Play's the game how it is supposed to be played, without all the BS.