...the guy that nailed the '07 cup kicked to the curb, the guy that lost the '07 cup gets the girl....karma riders, gotta remember the karma factor...

My, how things can change… :lol:

i hope he does well with the riders.

alll i heard was how hot dinwiddie was from the women at werk... another reason for people to like the riders.

He always was a good QB

i thought maybe Mike Kelly was so narrow minded about QB's and thats why Ryan never got a chance. He didnt have the greatest u-ball career, but it wasnt terrible either. I think Kelly cut him before training camp even. I wonder if ritche williams will ever re-surface

The same was said about Goodspeed not wanting to join the Riders, and voila, he is signed. Dinwiddie would be more accepting of a back up role, at a back up's salary, than Kerry Joseph. Remember the Karma of Henry Burris coming from Regina, back to Calgary. Maybe the hex can finally be exorcised. Get out the voodoo doll! :slight_smile:

KJ didn’t “nail” the '07 cup, he pretty much stunk the joint out…could only have won against a raw rookie

...semantics really, you should't let it get under your skin so much all these years later...

You just "nailed" that!

Don't know how much karma is involved with this. Joseph won the GC while on the Saskatchewan team in 07 and then he wanted a substatial pay increase. The Saskatchewan teams management made the decision that they were not interested. 2 years later they made it back to the GC with the Western Division All-star QB who is also the brightest young QB star in the league. Sounds like the long term decision they made was correct. The karma that needs to be careful here is that of Josephs.

When you said Durant was the West All-Star QB, I had to look it up cause I didn't think it was right... How the hell was he given the nod over Burris and Ray? That's a puzzler for sure... :expressionless:

He had a better season than both Burris and Ray, not really all that puzzling.

He had fewer yards, a worse completion percentage, and far, far more picks. Not sure how he had a better season.

Durant had a better completion % than Burris. He also had more TDs than both Ray and Burris and most importantly he had more W’s than either. But I think we both know that the all-star QB is choosen on more than just stats. Durant beats both of them in intangibles and he pulled off some outstanding plays that kept the Saskatchewan team alive in games. I guess the ppull who voted looked at the big picture and decided what they did based on that. :cowboy:

You are a fantastic Rider homer. :stuck_out_tongue: Intangibles in Regina for sure with maybe a few such observations from some elements of your fan base in some smokey air? :roll:

In the CFL all things considered it's Calvillo, then Ray, then Burris, then a massive step back for Durant with all the interceptions he threw last year at 21 relative to 24 touchdowns.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/CFL/2009_stats/League_Statistics.pdf#page=4]http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/CFL/20 ... pdf#page=4[/url]

Did you even bother to take the stats of all of the above into consideration or are you just good at homering your Riders?

Okay carry on with your Rider homering if you will. :roll:

Yes he threw many interceptions, but the intangibles the other guy was talking about was all of Durant's late game drives, then converting 2 point conversions while he had three guys pretty much dragging off of him. IF Durant can lower his interceptions, which he proved he is getting better at, I would say he is up there in the top 3-4 QB's.

:roll: My first point in this thread simply stated a fact, that Durant was the Western Division All-star QB last year. The most important "stat" is WINS. Who had the most in the West Division last year? Your Ricky Ray homering is blatant.

Karma's just waiting to take a bite out of the Riders this year.

Losing our # 2,3,4 from last year leaves us with the worst QB depth in recent memory.....So, instead of bringing in a journeyman for #2 , to compete for the toughest job in pro sports, we have.....

the egomaniacl Berry, who's still obsessing about his golden boy Dinwiddie, a never been, who's now odds on favorite for backup.

Doesn't take much, twist an ankle, hand to the helmet of a hogie, or another cheap shot spear by a Stampeder linebacker, and we've gone from first to worst.......

Great point here Roughtime using actual evidence from a Riders fan as opposed to all that mere homering of Durant and criticism of Ray based on non-existent stats. :roll:

I can't wait until this season to see if Durant can get away again with throwing as many picks to end up relying on his defence and special teams to bail him out more again and see if they can manage to go as far in the West. How I wish I could see and bet the over/under on Durant's picks through games played with 12 minimum in case of injury or benching.

Down go the Riders to the bottom of my list along with the Argos in the East based on what I have seen even as a new fan since only February on here. :lol: