Okay. Here's the question of the day...What went wrong?

I know, I know. Everything (okay, probably not, but it sure didn't look pretty). It's obvious that Calgary just plain outplayed us and deserved the win. But there's no way that any team can take a drubbing like that and not have a few things to analyse and change. Some things are just bad luck. What are the things that need to be addressed to make sure that we don't get annihilated like this again?

I'd kick French off the team.

Of all the balls that hit him in the hands all season, I've only seen him catch one of them.

Wasn't French the leading receiver for the Riders today? Caught that last touchdown pass? Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I thought that's what they said. I though it was Morgan (?) who dropped a few tonight.

[quote="EskJebus"]IOf course the 8 or 9 he caught tonight don't count right, EJ?

44-18, nope didnt matter much.

I believe the problem was the lack of effort. Not finishing tackles, defense dropping sure interceptions, not capitalizing when the chances were there, not being able to throw the long ball and injuries (especially benefield ((spelling)) and davis) were a big factor. I think the Stamps mainly outplayed you but your errors sure didn't help much. As for people who are questioning the call on Greenes 1st fumble, well it was the right call because his arm wasn't going forward yet. He dropped it in the last seconds while winding up. Good game though, i loved watching the riders get crushed even if it was against the Stamps. I'm sure you'll do the same to them in October. Esks = #1

Well, it was a nasty game and I was embarrased throughout. I like many Rider fans was expecting my Green and White Riders to lay a licking on the Stamps (no pun intended). I wasn’t really surprised, however, when the Riders came out flat, it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the Riders come out of the gates flat on an away game and unfortunatley it probably won’t be the last time I’ll see it. The Stampeders just plain and simple outplayed us on that night, not question about it. Sure we were missing 6 starters but that’s no excuse, good teams will win even with injuries. A team is only as good as their backups. Hopefully in October there is the recipricated version of this game in Taylor Field, I’ll be there, that’s for sure, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing my “Burris Sucks” T-Shirt anymore.

PS - I don’t own a “Burris Sucks” T-Shirt

I didn't see any of the game nor did i listen to much, but what i heard from the parts of the game and from my brother, perry really screwed us. He missed important tackles and allowed Calgary to put together a running game. I think our problem is we gave Calgary the running game and put nothing together on offence. If we would have eliminated the run, we would have been pretty much even with the stamps in total net yards, and the game may have been closer.
PS: Is there such thing as a "Burris Sucks" t-shirt?? I honestly don't know and i honestly don't really care because who gives a shit about burris lets just crank him along with the rest of Calgary's ofence next time we play and show them that we hopefully will not play a travesty like that again.

Jeremy I do like your post right to the heart. You are correct, the Riders were just not interested in playing that night and the Stamps were fired up.
What really suprises me though is that with knowing 10,000 die hard fans being at the game making personal sacrafices yet did not come in prepared.
Yes this is were the depth of the team is measured and if you have to replace your first stringers the second stringers must step up and give their all this did not happen. IMO I still do not like the offensive game plan that has been used by the Rider OC. I have mentioned before that if you do those little dump passes teams will shut it down and if the run is not working that can be disaster. But a good ole ass kicking may just wake the jolly green guys up. Take care and thanks for coming! By the way the Burris shirts I think may have filled up the Stamps gas tanks. Keep wearing them!

I think it was more then just Perry and the Riders being flat. I don't understand the decisions to have Santino Hall play in J Mitchel's place, when in preseason and in the game against Hamilton Stencil has looked almost or as good as Mitchel. I also thought Gordon played horrible at safety, I like the way he goes hard but he has to wrap guys up instead of just hitting them. There were a few times where he hit guys and they kept going one for sure resulted in a Stamp touchdown. It seems as if he thinks that he can knock everyone in the league down with his hits and not worry about actually tackling them. I also think Edwards is a better cover guy, despite what a lot of other Rider fans think.

One of the big factors was that on defense. McCalla came back to cornerback, so Bush had to move inside to Halfback. Jackie Mitchell is injured, so Santino Hall had to move inside to linebacker. Scott Gordon, safety, is not used to playing with those two guys on the inside, in which then comunication got crossed, and they got burned deep a few times. On the D-line, Nate Davis is out, and he takes up a double team almost every single snap, so blitzes weren't getting through without the threat of Davis up the middle. Calgary never ran the ball to Scott Schultz's side, they ran to the weak side with a second string lineman. Also linebacker's did not play good contain at all. The were over persuing all game. Calgary's running game took advantage of the weakened defense as they should have. I think the offense moved the ball well, off and on during the game. The running was cut short but Jason French had over 100 yards recieving for the first time this season. There were some good things, but they were over shadowed by the score.

ya if the defense would have gave our offense a few more drives then I think we would have done farely well. The offense wasn't as bad as the score indicated. When Calgary ran the ball there weren't any tricks to it, right up the gut. We just couldn't stop them. That better have been the worst defensive game for the riders,or there will be a few more blowouts.

I think the offensive game plan became very predictable. The OC for the Riders must think the other coaches are stupid. I think one of the Rider fans on this site stated they were not happy with this coach I now can see why.
The motivator for the Stamps to step up I believe was the fact 10,000 Rider fans were there and the Burris Sucks t-shirts were the icing on the cake.
Chris It is not the end of the world but I am still concerned for you guys because the long throws are not happening. The stamps took away the run and then worked on removing the short passes. I am sure other teams will do this.

Take Care

but they didn;t really take away the short passes. Greene was 25- 35 296yards. The problem was the defense didn’t give the offense enough touches. Especially in the 1st half.

Not that it really matters as we got smoked, but the head of officiated made a formal appology to the Riders for that call. I don't think, as momentum shifting as the result of that "fumble" was, that a ruling of incomplete on that one pass would have changed the outcome of the game much, but it was a bad call.

Go Riders!!

Dear Dr, Ya and many times that has happened in every game. Ref's are human and they make mistakes. Calgary this year has received two apologies but again that is only to cover for the mistake. Would it change the outcome no. That catch would not have made the Riders wake up and play any better. Could of should of would of nothing changes.

I gotta step in a little bit on behalf of the defense. It's true they played a terrible game, and they've been lambasted for it all week, I'm sure, but the offense has got to take some of the heat for putting them in that spot. Sure the defense has to stop Calgary, and they didn't. But on the other hand, the offense has to at least move the ball a little bit to give those guys time to rest. I'm curious how much fatigue and discouragement played into things on the last drive of the first half and the beginning of the second half. They were on the field a lot!
My biggest concern is still the lack of a deep ball. Greene's numbers looked okay, and they've been doing well on the whole with the short game, but how long can it last without the deep threat?

…very good point gng, and hopefully your O has apologized to the D…Winnipeg was suffering the same problem in their first four games, they have a decent D but when you are on the field for 40 minutes every game you’re going to get tired…