Ouch !

As far as I'm concerned, Marcel Desjardins said exactly what had to be said. This team needs an infusion of the kind of dedication and striving that Carl Coulter showed. If any player thinks it's time to mail it in, he should be turfed, and fast. I see Desjardin's statement as being in the Ron Lancaster tradition: tough, but fair. If you're getting paid to play football, put up or shuffle outta here. We need men who will give it all for the team, for the fans, and for their own pride as professionals. This no different from what Jim Trimble and Ralph Sazio required of the men who wear the Black and Gold.

Marcel Desjardins had some harsh words for members of the Tiger-Cats.
(Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)
"If they think they can just ride it out over the next two weeks and not give what they are paid to do, they might get a shock in the off-season," he said.

YEAH!!! That's what I wanted to hear!! :rockin:

Marcel, probably left no stone unturned, and backed up that research
by listening to the fans on the 5th Quarter after games, too, mr62cats.


I repeat my advice to Marcel..

  1. Watch the tapes

  2. Form your own opinion

  3. cut the players you decide didn't put out 100% or

  4. haven't performed to your standards

  5. keep your 3rd hand comments in-house

    and don't quote them to newspaper reporters!

No ExPat I dont believe he played his hardest when he was here . I believe he hasnt played anywhere near his potential . How do YOU explain this ?? He had all the starters on the O line and only had 1 good game . This is not Raneklike now is it ? Yes I bleieve he is one of the players who Desjardins is talking about !!!!

So you really think he signed with Hamilton for the sole purpose of having his coaches fired and ending his own career? I'm not saying he played great this year, but does that really sound plausible to you?

Another possible explanation for Ranek's play: combination of nagging injuries, a mediocre offensive line that was ineffectively coached, and a generally poor offence with a passing attack that scared no one, allowing defences to shut down the run. Always being behind on the scoreboard doesn't exactly help a RB's stats either.

If anyone didn't like the new coaches, it would more likely be players who were here previously rather than players who followed Paopao here. (Although according to my logic, there is one guy who had previously escaped from Paopao only to be reunited here again - but I don't want to believe that DJ would resort to something like this.)

i didnt say that , you did . I said he wasnt giving 100% AFTER he got here . Like I said , its my opinion and your entitled to yours . Im betting he`ll be gone after this season .

The GM suggests some fans will be surprised by some of the offseason releases. I for one won't be. I think those likely carved in stone bombshells will paint everyone a clearer picture and will open the eyes of many of this sites bleeding heart often overly opinionated fans.

I agree with Marcel calling out the players and I hope he has the mustard to let the players that were involved with this crap go.

I do have mixed feeling about hearing this in the media, UNLESS he has already spoken to the players about this. I hope he would be dealing with this in the media without confirming what his second hand sources have indicated.

I think that him taking a step back when he got here and observing who is playing and who is not is a smart move. I have done that in my life a few times and you get a very different perspective when you do. Marcel would already have a good idea who is playing hard and who is not.

I hope my favourite players are not involved with this, but if they are I support the Tiger Cat management 100%. My family has invested allot of time and money in the Cats and think we as well as all fans deserve better from the players as well as the coach’s and management.

Nobody asked but………….. that was my 2 cents.



Did I fall asleep for a couple of weeks? Last thing I remember, the Cats were 4-12 not 4-14 like the story on cbc.ca states.

Desjardins said some players among the struggling Ticats (4-14) are not pulling their weight and will have a rude awakening in the off-season.

The best place to find all the players together, if the GM wanted to "lay it out" for them, is at practice (well, except for K Hill, but he's gone :stuck_out_tongue: ) or maybe even a special team meeting (this is a pretty important message, after all). But instead he chose to "lay it out" for them in the Hamilton Spectator. Got to love it - practice is now closed to fans, but critical team meetings are now conducted in the Spec. :wink:

Could it be that he really just wanted to "lay it out" for potential 2007 ticket buyers? You know, as in "there's a new sheriff in town, and things are gonna be different around here, so get your traditions three year packages now before they're all sold out".

Kinda funny timing, too, if the intent of his comments was really to "lay it out" for the players -got to figure with the entire week off that many of them have gone home for the week (or maybe laying out on a beach somewhere). Let's just hope none of the bad seeds cancelled the Spec while they were away so they can catch up on the message the GM laid out for them while they were away.

Sorry to mock your post by repeating "lay it out" so many times, mr62cats - it was just a convenient jumping in point for me. :slight_smile:

And how do you know he didn't do that? Because he called them out in the Spec?

If the GM and coach are so pissed at the players for purposely throwing games, why give them the week off? Wouldn't you normally reserve that as a REWARD for having worked so hard for 16 weeks? Maybe the GM and coach did make up some of them finger sandwiches for them so they'd have something to snack on on the flight home.

Folks, he's really saying that here's been no leadership on the good ship TiCat this year--not in the dressing room, not at practices and not during the games. What does that say about the vets like Morreale and Hitchcock? Also, you can expect an entirely new coaching staff--new head coach for sure and that guy will likely want his own guys on his staff. Besides, these coaches can take a fair bit ofthe blame for a dismal season. It is time to clear the deadwood out.

Fortunately, this is the CFL where you can change a team's fortunes relatively quickly. It may be harder for the Cats though. It's not like guys coming from 4-14 teams are going to be in big demand elsewhere.

An Argo fan

I agree with Ron 100% - this stinks of “optics” for me, which is, IMO, the worst thing about Mr. Young’s reign so far - very media friendly, they always say all the right things, but as for doing, well… I do believe they’re trying but the jury’s still out on that.

If you’re gonna accuse players of doing one of the worst things you can accuse a professional athlete of doing, you gotta follow it up with more than “I’ll be keeping an eye on you, ya see”.

Whether it’s Bob’s “gee-shucks” apologies, or Ronnie or Marcel’s “we’re not gonna take it” rants to the media, this is one fan that would like to see less talk and more action.

They have to. It's in the CBA.

(at least i think it is)