Ouch !

Hot off the press...(better sit down first though)

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(probably needed to be done though to set the tone for next year around the football side)

Thanks for posting a link to that article. It was quite an interesting one. I must say that I like the following quote from Desjardins:

"If they think they can just ride it out over the next two weeks and not give what they are paid to do, they might get a shock in the off-season," he said.

And that may have been something that had to be said for some time. Desjardins certainly said what needed to be said. And now the final two games of the season sound like they could be more interesting. Who will heed this warning, and who will not?

It was also interesting to hear about some players trying to their coaches fired earlier this season. With the way the team was less-than-disciplined, I suspected some players wanted certain coaches gone. And when this happens, it may be important for the GM to at least address it.


Geoffrey whats your problem with Goss??? Wouldn't you have to be around to not try? Last time I looked he had 2 INT's....and wait a second they both went to the house! That really sounds like a player trying to get his coach fired. I'm sure if your son (or anyones) was sick you'd move to the moon if it meant you could be there with him.

I don't think you can blame Dave Hack. He wasn't even here this year.

What does it say when a GM has to ask for the very least from a pro athlete (to play full-out every game)and people think he's being tough?

Lancaster said similar things months ago.

"Ouch", indeed.


I'd have to agree. A lame duck comment about a lame duck team in a lame duck season. Rumour-mongering and second-hand accusations should be left to McMahon, et al. If there are players who purposely sabotaged this team, why oh why are they still on the roster? Why would they not go out the door with Marshall and/or Paopao? Or, right now? Meaningless, late-season threats like this read as a pathetic attempt to download management's many egregious boners solely onto player personnel, or as a crude PR maneuver to somehow show that the new bosses will be capable of "getting tough."

Mr. Desjardins, take a lesson from the much-maligned Ron Lancaster and put your money where your mouth is (hi Ron Williams and Craig Yeast).


I think it says a new regime is being put together which will be heading off in a much different direction. Good for Marcel for laying it out for the players.

8) So finally the real truth has come out in print, and good for Marcel for stating it !!! There are several players on this team that have just been going through the motions, not only at practice, but in games also !! The way this team has performed this year, that is a very obvious fact !!

The real losers again in another lost season are we the fans !! We pay good money and cheer on players that don’t even care about the team, the fans, or their own jobs, and some people critize the fans that boo this sad sack outfit during games !!! How ironic is that now ???

I have no doubt that Marcel will weed out these malcontents and overpaid slackers, and they will be gone at seasons end !! I fully expect that some of the players that are gone will be a big shock to many fans, but as Marcel stated, it will happen !!!

A thorough housecleaning is in order to turn this team around, and the sooner it happens, the better !!!

The Spectator goes into even more depth about this in today's paper:

(I think Ken Peters may have gotten scared too because I never saw one "launch the leather" or "Balsam Avenue North Bengals" in the whole piece)

....just funnin' Ken.. :wink:

oh yah, here's Ken Peters' article:

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We were robbed... literally. We paid good money for seasons tickets and now we find out that mess as on purpose! And here I was believing all those guys. Boy, do I ever feel silly, and disappointed.

I know it wasn't all of them that did that - but for the ones that this applied to - I hope you feel ashamed. I know you and your giant salaries don't care though. Men that do THAT aren't GENTLEMEN, or REAL TI-CATS.

You GO MR. DESJARDINS, clean house for us... get us value to our ticket prices and respect to our team!

You can see the slacking going on , especially on the offensive side of the ball . Not running good routes and not diving and working hard to come back to the ball when the QB is in trouble .

Running backs not hitting holes fast enough and not doing a good enough job on blitzing LBS . Yes , I feeL it is players like Ranek and Flick who have let the team down this season . Yes Ranek had some injuries but they may be due to not playing hard enough . I realize ill get blasted for saying this but its how I feel and the best thing is we dont need Ranek next season . I looked forward to watching him play this season and I was totally disapointed . If you want to blame the O line for his troubles, stop , because Lumsden has a makeshift line in front of him , but he`s running hard and creating openings for himself . He wants to play and isnt worried about who is coaching .

The QB is anything but a slacker . If they all played as hard as him we`d be going places, believe me . I can guarantee a new set of recievers who want to work for thier success will make Maas look a whole lot better . If then he isnt doing the job you would have to look elsewhere for the QB position . Im sure Marcel will be bringing another QB anyways since our backup will be gone !!!!

On the defence I hope he doesnt mean Cheatwood , I think he has played hard even with a nagging knee all season . Cotton on the other hand has been a disapointment so maybe he`ll be gone .

Thank you, Bunner, I was getting real steamed watching
every poster swallow all these third hand opinions as facts.

Marcel said, "In some cases, players had — again, this is second-hand — intentionally stopped playing to get somebody removed from their job," said the rookie GM. "It's been said. I haven't seen it, but it's been said.

Watch the tapes then. Form your own opinion, cut the players
but keep your unprofessional comment to yourself or in-house!

Fans who buy seasons tickets and arent fooled by players going 75 % should not have to apoligize for stating thier feelings …

Marcel Desjardins comes in as the new GM...looks around for a month.... and then speaks his mind about what he sees from the players and coaches. Its about time someone did.
Are his conclusions wrong? Of course not. Most of what he said has been posted on this website by the fans.

I don't think it has anything to do with slacking off by any player...I truly believe it comes down to ability...there are a number of guys on this team that are not good enough...thus it shows on the field and can be seen by many as slacking off...The awful record of this team is not because of effort, it is because the players that are here (not all of course) are not good enough..and the win-loss ratio says it all... The new GM and his new staff have a big job ahead...I hope for the sake of all cats fans..that the future will be positive.



I think you're on to something here. Let me summarize.

Ranek played for Paopao and Khani(?) for years in Ottawa. They gave him his chance and he had great success in their system.

However, when he found out that both had signed with Hamilton, he followed them here. Not because he wanted to continue doing what had worked in Ottawa. Rather, his goal was to throw games - even though it would obviously put his own future in this league at risk - solely to get his longtime coaches fired from their new positions.

Brilliant scheme. And brilliant analysis.

It also helps that Lumsden is better than Ranek... but I digress.

Flick is a pro, maybe if Maas had of delivered the ball more often we wouldnt be having this conversation.

I’m just glad Desjardins ddint have a closed door meeting where pats everyone on the bum and assures everyone their job is safe and serve tea and finger sandwiches.

Yes, I agree with the comments, but was surprised to hear that “likely none of the Assistant coaches will be retained next year” - or something to that effect.
I thought that at the very least, Kavis Reed would be retained. There were many games, especially late in the season, where we were shutting out Teams even up till the 3rd-quarter, before the roof fell in.

Of course, it is difficult to shutdown an opponent if you are continually on the field (2-and-out, 2-and-out).

Just my thoughts.

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