Ouch Returner Woods on 9 game IR

One thing I though that the Bombers had made a major improvement was in having a true return specialist in Aaron Woods. He was a top returner at the FCS level and honed his skills at the pro level in three seasons in the UFL. For all the problems the UFL had off the field on the field they had some top coaching and solid pro players.
They have some good depth with Kick Off returners with Will Ford already taking one to the house back on Kick Offs a top returne in the NCAA FCS level. Injured starter Chad Simpson also a top Kick off returner in the NFL.
As for punts however Demond Washington exciting but trouble with ball security and now needs to focus on his HB starting spot.
Already today Javon Johnson has fumbled a punt return. no longer the secure handed returner he was in 2011.

Ford did okay today. He gave the Bombers hope when they couldn't get a first down in the first half.
20/20 hindsight--we'll see how he does in the home and home against Deadmonton coming up next week.