WOW .... BC loses both Printers and Pierce and get demolished by Edmonton (as i predicted ESKS would win) ... Now if Hamilton Wins they will host BC next week and if OUR BOMBERS win we will host a rematch with the Cats here next week, could not get more exciting, just another reason for ALL BOMBER FANS to FILL THE STANDS ON SUNDAY ....

GO BLUE!! :rockin:


Get your TIX fans cause this will be one heckuva game on Sunday, i'll be there, will you?

I predict a sellout Sunday for the Blue Out and a convincing WIN FOR THE BOMBERS and a close win next week as well ... :cowboy:

With Printers, Pierce, Lulay and Jackson unable to go should the Lion's make the eastern semi, that's all the more incentive for the Cat's to win on Sunday. A win on Sunday would allow us to face a terrible BC O and D on our home turf basically guaranteeing the Cat's 2 wins and a trip to the eastern final. GO CATS GO! Snuff the blew out and give the Bomber's a free season ticket to the golf course :rockin:

So baring a mid air plane crash (God forbid) Bombers have to win or they are out.

Can BC try to bring in another QB should the unthinkable happen? For sure they can not get someone from a CFL team, but could they bring a out of work guy in? Bombers are going to maul the Cats on Sunday, I`m just sayin

BC is done, not only is QB situation a disaster their team quit on the field last night. Wally is not going to be happy. Watch out next year, they will be a much better team, if they can stay healthy and don't fire Buono. .See Cgy 2003 2004, after Buono was let go.

.....the game tomorrow is just about sold-out....a couple of thousand to go...With nice weather the stadium is going to be rocking...GoBigBlue :thup: :rockin:

just gonna throw it out there but a way i see it if the bombers start slipping up the refs might become factors and give Wpg some calls because does the CFL really want a playoff game were 1 team has only 1 QB left on there entire roster and none on the PR and have a blow out playoff game. I'm thinkin even BC wants Wpg to win. I know i'll get some heat but if it happens where there's a bunch of controversial calls just remember you heard it here 1st.

Yes the refs will cheat on the leagues directive ! :roll: :roll: :roll:
It's happened so many times before !
There is controversial calls in every game, doesn't mean the refs are trying to fix anything.
One last minor detail, do you have a shred of evidence to support this claim ? SOURCES ?

The pressure will get to Glenn and he will be sacked and picked off a couple of times, just the way he plays under pressure, hope the Cats fans are prepared for a beat down ... i can hear Cats fans calling for Glenns head already :lol:

Heffney, Johnson, Bowman and Edwards look like they are all good to go ... that's great news .... Santos took most of the 2ND string snaps this week making him number 2 on the depth chart, i think Kelly finally realizes that Bramlet is not a CFL QB ... Thank God!!

ahh ... Kasps you know that's a crock .... WHEN Wpg wins, that'll be one of many excuses the Cats fans will have though, but when we win Next week as well, there are no excuses!!

:cowboy: :rockin:

Just 1 question. If Montreals outstanding DL, Toronto's good DL and SSK's outstanding DL couldn't get to Glenn, what makes you think the Bomber's will be able to do it? I'd say once if they're lucky. INT wise, yeah I'd say Heffney will probably get 1 or two off Glenn.

How about this. If Winnipeg wins... IF.... I'll never speak on the Bomber forums again.. If we win.. You start a thread doing the Oksi-wee-wee cheer on the Bomber forums. Deal?

I read that BC is talking to Gilbert Renfro in the event Bombers should lose (God forbid) also a rumor has Roy Dewalt on the way to BC??

Just a rumor mind you!

Trust me on this Wally is not in danger. I could see him move in the GM chair of his own accord however and no matter what he is going to make some changes to that team big time.

Good luck to the Bombers against Hamilton tommorrow. Hopefully it will be a good game.

Do you have one shred of evidence that it hasn't happened in years past we never find these things out until long after... look at the refs in the past couple years that have gone to court and admiting they fixed certain games.

I'm just saying this game might (MIGHT being the key word not saying its gonna) happen that way and than be a properly officated game next week. and this is personal opinion here so i don't know where i'm suppose to pull these sources outta my a**

CFL officiating is so incompetent that if they tried to fix a game, they'd probably get it wrong.

Glenn hasn't been sacked for 3 games. How many times was he sacked 4 games ago? And who were the Tabbies playing 4 games ago?

And what makes you think it won't be four games without a sack? The Bomber DL is no stronger then Montreal's or SSK's and what does 4 games ago have to do with anything? The Cat's were going cold then and are red hot right now. As long as we keep forcing Mr. Armpunter to throw the ball to the fans in the upper level trying to hit a guy 5 yards away, we're good.

Glenn stats:
Att Comp % Yards Long TD % Ints % Rating
GLENN, K 2009 HAM 347 213 61.4 2,761 69 17 4.9 5 1.4 96.7
Notes: 17 TD's to 5 INT's
QB rating: 96.7
Completion's: 61.4%
Passing difference between Bishop: 31 less attempts, 17 more completions.
Yardage: 2,761

Bishop stats:

                            Att  Comp  %      Yards  Long  TD   %  Ints  %  Rating

BISHOP, M 2009 WPG 378 196 51.9 2,913 65 14 3.7 17 4.5 71.0
Notes: 14 TD's to 17 INT's
QB rating: 71.0
Completions: 51.9%
Passing difference between Glenn: 31 more attempts, 17 less completions.
Yardage: 2,913

Blue Out or Blew Out.... That is the question :slight_smile: