Ouch my head hurts and throbs!!!!!

Good Morning,
Actually it feels like a lousy morning cuz my head feels like it weighs 500 lbs. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As my eyes start to clear I realize how exciting the CFL has been this year and years past.
What a legacy of entertainment creating regional rivalries and entire country celebrations and pride.
Calgary will do a fabulous job hosting the Grey Cup - (they always do a great job from the Stampede to the Olympics).
Whether you make it to Calgary or partake in a celebration in your communities or neighbourhood (Grey Cup party) enjoy and remember it is a great Canadian tradition.
Years ago I went to a Grey Cup party that had a fun twist. The host had asked guests to bring a bunch of quarters (say $10. worth) . When the game started everyone put in a quarter into the pot and we established a passing circle to pass a pee-wee football around after each play of the game. Whoever had the pee-wee football when a scoring play occured got the pot of money, then we would start again with the quarter going into the pot. Another way to do it is to put in an additional quarter after each play building up bigger pots. A fun way for even not football minded folks who come to a Grey cup party to feel involved and have a chance to win money.
Cheers to the Grey Cup. :cowboy:

Gobbler...I know it's like you've won the Stanley Cup, gotten the summer Olympics, and the moon being renamed 'Riderville' all rolled into one for you gangrenous melonheads, but try focussing on the prize, k? Here's hoping the pounding in your heads subsides in time for next Sunday...only to inflict more punishment...and here's hoping it'll be worth it.

Make certain you finish the job next week. And BTW, with all the suds floating around, do you really expect that game to last for three hours? Like the idea...but there's gota be an easier game...one yo can play cross-eyed... :rockin:

Well there is. Normally in the second half you go outside and try to pee your name in the snow. It's a great game, although women rarely seem to win (except that one magical year when Elizabeth Grimswaldoski did some things in the yard we'll never, ever forget).

But there's no snow yet this year......

I told you to pour yourself a glass of water before you went to bed, Turkey. :smiley: