OUCH! Hickman to Argos

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#Argos ink former All-Star DL Justin Hickman http://ow.ly/YZQMl #CFL via @TorontoArgos

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@TorontoArgos thank you for bringing me aboard! Toss me a paddle so I can start earning my stripes! I can't wait for the journey to begin...[/b]

Hickman becomes the third defensive linemen who played for the Ticats in 2015 to join the Argos along with Bryan Hall and Brian Bulcke.

Just call them the Toronto Ti-Cats. I mean does it really surprise you that the Blue Blob can't scout his own talent so he has to steal our superior talent in order to field a half decent team because his own talent and scouting Sucks. :stuck_out_tongue: Let them have Hickman doesn't bother me in the least because today we re-signed our own scouted talent in the best DB in the league that being one Emanuel Davis :smiley: :rockin:. I hope that Hickman,Bulcke and Hall all enjoy missing the play-offs this year wearing those goofy blue uniforms. :slight_smile: :twisted:

^ Says the fan of the team who poached Ted Laurent from Edmonton, signed free-agent DE John Chick this year, and whose starting QB is a product of ... the Toronto Argonauts.

Not to mention Chad Owens, Orlondo Steinauer. . .

Oops I just did.

Not to mention Fantuz, Butler......... These are just off the top of my memory. Probably a few more in there.

LOL, forgot totally about Fantuz, Butler, and Owens! Yup, it's pot, meet kettle. :smiley:

Good signing, should make the games against the Cats and especially the first at our home even more meaningful.

Not too stunning. With TL's fat new contract, and signing Chick...they needed to go younger on the line as well...and cheaper. I would think losing Bulcke would potentially hurt a lot more TBH....even if he has been injured.

Well that's:


Slightly different than signing almost a whole defensive line from one team, from the same or previous year.

All the players signed by the TiCats being mentioned were signed at various times, from various teams.

Apples and lemons...

WHere did your team steal Collaros and Medlock from?

For that matter, where did they steal their head coach and GM from?

The Double Blue - tight touch Argos to haunt bobo82 :rockin:

Gentlemen, , we ever have to say is

Mike O'Shea

And you'll understand why they're still bitter.

LOL!!!!! great responses guys :smiley: three thumbs up and a how do you do :thup: :thup: :thup: Just think if I can stir the pot this easily just think how more the pot will be stirred between these two rivals this season with all the flip flopping of talent. Yup 2016 is shaping up to be a very interesting season indeed. IS IT JUNE YET ??? :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

the Cats don't poach.....we just borrow indefinitely is all. :smiley:

Sorry Madjack, but Steinauer was a TiCat before going to TOR

Losing Hall is a big loss and Bulcke is a NAT so not easily replaced value wise
Hall and Hickman have lined up next to each other for awhile, they will have some chemistry
Stubler will be happy with those guys
It's a small league with a small salary cap, players on one year contracts will switch teams, it will be the norm now.
A lot of info on Steinauers defence just went 50km's up the QEW

So what? What does it matter whether you poach 3/4 of a line or you poach your star QB, KR/SB, star national DT, and star national WR from another team? The point is, if you live in a glass house, don't throw stones. :wink:

But the most famous stone thrower was Hamilton’s Chuck Ealey, The Stone Thrower


So it is part of our tradition, WE MUST THROW STONES!!! :wink:

It’s in our DNA


I like your attitude, Grover. It's that fun part of the offseason where every team is a Grey Cup contender and the harsh reality of wins and losses hasn't taken the dream away from anyone yet.