Ouch....but the Lions still have a great shot at 1st!

So much for the game against Hamilton! A tough way to lose a game in Hamilton. Full credit to the Lions for giving it their best- especially Sanders. The Lions were simply outplayed. Well, so much for sealing first place up next week at B.C. Place but it is still a critical game and the Lions still have a shot at 1st but they could also still finish off in 3rd if things do not go right. Now we go to plan B. We need to win our two remaining games and we seal first place so there is still reason for optimism. But… beating Edmonton next week means we could still theoretically finish out the season in 1st place even if we lose our last game but it would depend on what Edmonton and Calgary do. Calgary would have to lose at least one game and the Esks would have to lose their last game if we beat them next week. A loss against Edmonton and we cannot finish in 1st place.

Can the Lions pull it off next week? Lemme see:

Lulay: injured
Foster: injured
Gore: still injured
Elimimian: injured
Harris: injured
Brown: injured

That is half of the offensive team!! Hmmmmm…hopefully most if not all of these guys will be 100% by next week.

everyone has a let down, even the best teams.

the question is whether or not they can get it together by the game.

I still think they can beat the Eskimos, not worried yet.

the Lions will rebound.

Eskimo win next week guarantees first. BC collars are very tight now as the Buono curse hits them. Too bad for Buono teams that the CFL season doesn't end in October.

The Leos needed to lose. If they were to win each game to the playoffs and then win the cup that would have been 13 - 14 game winning streak. Doesn't happen often. They needed to lose now they can win the rest.

BC - Ticat Grey cup ( as predicted in the pre-season).

The pressure would have been far too intense for the Lions to rack up 14 straight wins.
If your going to lose one, now is the time before the playoffs commence.

Hey, the Riders have a great at 1st too! The 1st pick in this year's draft... :lol: :lol: ... if Taman hasn't traded it away....

Of all the lions injuries which ones will be back next week?

This is easily the best thing to happen to the Lions all season. I'm glad they lost in humbling fashion too. That way you can't say that you somehow got screwed by the refs or that you should have won the game. This will keep the team honest and hungry. The worse thing for the Eskimos is to face a pissed of Lions defence - especially considering the eskimos offence's struggles at times this season.

BC had no run game last night and it doesn't take a genius to realize their success has come once they finally decided to establish a run game. No Harriss, no Gore, no Lumbala, no Tim Brown, etc. really hurt them. I just hope the injuries aren't too severe and they re-establish themselves next week. I feel that for a team that has just gone 8-0, they seem to already be written off. Fact is they still control their destiny.

You did miss one big body on that list, Kalif Mitchell.

To answer your question oilerrocker, everyone will have to wait till tomorrow to have a better idea... but I suspect to see Gore, Elimimian and Mitchell back for the Edmonton game.

The Bombers will be cheering for BC next week. We want you to have something to play for against Montreal.
I hope the injuries aren't too serious.

…don’t wish ill too much on the Als there, karma’s a b!tch and somehow I think that last game for your BBs here in Cowtown is going to be meaningful for both our squads…the race for playoff positioning is awesome right now

Yeah I agree totally. Nothing focuses the mind quite like being blown out after a winning streak. Game film study this week will be a lot more serious then last week, for sure.

I expect them to bounce back.

The Stamps have to beat Montreal to have a chance at overtaking BC for 2nd place in the West. If they do that, we'll likely have 1st place clinched and will be happy to rest our starters and wounded when we play you in 2 weeks. If the Stamps lose next week, it will be your team resting your starters and wounded for the playoffs.

Win or lose, the Stamps will be doing the Bombers a favour in the next 2 weeks.

Inujuries happen in a long season.

Edmonton had no receivers, Montreal no secondary, Bombers were down to 5th string qb and no RB's, at some point this season. That's the way the cookie crumbles and is the real test.

Bite your tongue Geroy_Simon_081. Bite your tongue. :frowning: No team benefits from getting slaughtered and humiliated. And I would never actually be happy our Lions lost. They don't need humbling. They need to keep winning. I don't think they make a lot of excuses when they lose a close game. In fact I've heard the opposite and have heard players and coaches take ownership when they've lost.

Let's hope the Lions can field a decent team this weekend against Edmonton. I'm quite concerned about those injuries. Hopefully some of them are superficial but when I see Lulay not able to put weight on his heel that is worrisome. If it's a sprain it will depend on how bad. Sprains can take weeks to heal. If it's a partial Achilles tendon tear then he's done.

The Esks will be playing to secure a Western Final birth and will do it with a win over the Lions. They know what happened to the Lions this past weekend. If the Lions had to lose I would rather see them lose by a close score and come out unscathed cause the way things stand today they may be far more pi**ed but for a completely different reason.