Ouatte de Phoque!

Yeah, I think his checkdowns were all covered. He needs to throw the ball away in those situations and not keep looking longer than 2-3 seconds tops.

He will catch on in season 17 or 18 ... once he gets some experience.


On one of them Giguere seemed to be open in the flat but Glenn for some reason hesitated. Didn`t see him clearly and perhaps gun shy from the last game of throwing a pick? Hard to criticize his performance though.

Wonder if success makes him feel invincible / infallible / convinced he can complete a pass every down. Shouldn't as he is a veteran but on at least a couple there seemed to be no reason for a veteran QB to have not completed a pass to guy in the too small RR/RedBlacks jersey (with a beer in one hand and a Smoking Pig slow cooked brisket sandwich in the other) in the first row.

This is where a real head coach would override Calvillo in-game and say, "Anthony, I don't care what pass plays you have called, Sutton is averaging over 7 yards a carry. Give him 15-20 touches on the ground."

.....seriously though guys...where the heck is the Madman..I know he has the Als. blood running in his veins and it would take a lot to keep him away...We joined together in April 05....thought we'd leave about the same time...Maybe he's just taking a break like I did awhile back???? :roll: