Ouatte de Phoque!

De kessé? Ouatte happened?

Could anybody have seen this coming? Don't think so. Wow, a complete, disciplined effort against a top notch team, on the road. Kudos to the coaches and the players- who clearly have not given up: Kyries, Glenn, Carter, Lewis, Mincy, Fera... Surprise! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Did not see this one coming at all at all at all.

Didn't see it coming, but as an Ottawa Resident I look forward to the whining post-game and on Monday.

Players after the game mentionned us (fans). I guess any motivation is good motivation.
They shocked the hell out of me. When you don't spend the game taking dumbass penalties... Really like the speed and hustle of these new kids in the backfield.

Keep making an azz out of me. Please and Thank you.

Hey, you know what happened? Calvillo called a great game (except for the lack of runs, but to me it's evident that he doesn't trust Rutley on the ground and with good reason), and more importantly: Noel Thorpe changed his schemes, FINALLY. None of that check and match garbage, he went after Burris & co. most plays, sent heat, used the front four creatively on stunts (Hebert at DE and Bowman inside), and even dialed up Jovon Johnson on the halfback blitz. Also, the team kept penalties to a minimum and didn't sabotage themselves with penalties at bad times.

Glenn was also deadly accurate tonight. The best I've seen of him this year, easily. He hit every pass all over the field with precision and accuracy.

AC changed it up and tried to work the perimeter during the first half. If Rutley had been able to shake some defenders, and if our receivers would have blocked better, these plays would have had much more effect.

In the second half AC adjusted and sent Rutley down the middle, and that worked.

I appreciated his attempts to attack the perimeter – you’re right. But he still fell into lengthy stretches of ignoring the run, some of which resulted in sacks against Glenn. You need to be able to run between the tackles in second and short, if only as a tendency-buster. Yes, he (and Elizondo, also from the Trestman school) look at short passes as running plays, but even Trestman never ignored the run like this. We had a deadly passing attack, but Avon Cobourne and Brandon Whitaker were also murderous threats on the ground.

If he doesn’t trust Rutley to run the ball straight-ahead, we either need to involve Logan in the offense more or activate Martese Jackson or Cam McDaniel until Sutton is healthy. We have no run game right now and that is not sustainable.

I also thought the O-line did very well. The sacks they gave up were almost all either coverage sacks, the result of AC not running the ball enough, or Glenn not getting rid of the ball.

There is the issue for me. Rutley can take advantage when a lane exists, at whatever angle. (e.g., his TD) but faking out a defender in space (cuts don't count in this context) does not seem to be in his toolbox.

I'm not a Rutley fan at all but he was averaging over 5 yards a carry last night but still Anthony wasn't feeding him the ball. That's just silly. It wasn't like we tried Rutley early, he got stuffed, and we went away from it; we flat-out never tried.

Guess I should refrain from watching anymore games. Missed most of the game and look what happened.

Maybe they will finish 13-5 :wink:

We may well catch up to the Argos - there's lots of football yet to play and they're not doing well. And from there? Let's see if the Als can string 2 wins in a row first. I'm curious enough to make the trip to Molson stadium this week.

I actually thought Rutley had a great game. Pretty much 6 yards a carry. A few good catches out of the backfield. Solid.

Carter was superb as was Lewis. Glenn of course. Story of his career in a way. Just lights out one game then falters a bit. When he is good there have been few better.

Amazing how important Nik has been in so many ways. I was dead wrong in criticising this signing. Heart and soul.

This is quite a league we have.

I wish we had Lewis on our team .

I too was critical of Lewis signing. Never agreed with Popp bringing him in.
I was wrong.

I liked the Lewis signing, but I've always been a Lewis fan. Great player, great personality, and such an unusual type of receiver (physical frame, etc.). I never understood why some wanted to cut him. He posted up 700 yards last year on an abysmal team and that was without Duron Carter to draw the double coverage and leave him with one-on-one matchups. This year, with Carter having established himself as a true threat and the increasing contributions of guys like Giguere and Cunningham, Lewis is doing a great job of picking up the slack and filling the void left by S.J. Green.

We signed two vets last year -- Lewis and Stamps. One delivered, and the other did not. And for once we kept the right veteran! :wink:

[i]The rookie defensive backs are really surprising! They are combative and they are forcing the opposing QB to make near perfect throws to complete passes.

Yup, Johnny was absolutely floored by the result! Calvillo and Chapdelaine are improving the offense as the season progresses. BJ Cunningham looks like the real deal and Nik Lewis is playing like he was 5 years younger!

Even Thorpe had a good game plan. Bear Woods is looking like the Terminator from 2014, and players are flying to the ball.

If this team can continue to play without a "shoot yourself in the foot mentality" avoiding turnovers and penalties, they are better than the team we have seen for most of this season.[/i]

Glenn was awesome! He made all the throws, very accurate and with a nice touch on the ball when needed. How can Glenn play a game like this, then play one or two games where he is completely off target?

At least 3 times Glenn got sacked because he held onto the ball for much too long. Surprising behavior from a veteran. Just throw the ball away and avoid losing yards on a sack!

Noticed that too. Wondered if the "check downs" took too long to find; he seemed to be looking side-to-side on those sacks.