What do you guys think of the whole Ottowa situation, should they make us pay for them, or fold so we can steal there players lol. and if they fold, who would u take and why.

....if it comes to paying to keep this franchise going in the same city (Ottawa)....with the intention of staying there....Forget it......they need to find a buyer and relocate before I'd give them a dime..... if the Gliebs. hit the road...I hope thats the last we see of them....the fans in the Cap. don't seem to be too interested in the CFL......maybe a handful....and that ain't good enough... :!:

make them work, let's let the league take over and pay for them. I have a feeling that it will be like TO and Ham, we just have to do it and wait for the right owner to come along.

unless you wanna see WPG play in the East again. and as much as I love the East, I don't want to see that happen again.

by the name of this thread i assumed kanga made it :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha