Ottis Floyd

Floyd is fast becoming a Carl Kidd type impact player....

Recovering fumbles, making key tackles, and most importantly making special teams much greatly improved from last season, along with a host of other Lion defenders such as Kidd, Glatt, and Armour.

Floyd has the potential to make the West's all star team this year!

Floyd has the potential to make the West's all star team this year
Couldn't agree more PigSkin 53.....Floyd has been the best of the Leos linebackers on defence this season and is thriving under Ritchie's schemes. Originally talked about as a linebacker who could help stop the run when he first came to the Leos he's playing very well in all aspects of the game and makes big plays.

I totallly agree with you that he would make the West all-star team this year, based upon his play in the first seven games.

His special teams play has also been excellent. Kidd, Glatt, and Floyd have all been impressive on special teams with Kidd leading the way. When you have vets like Kidd and Floyd playing special teams and playing them so well you set an example for others to follow.

The Leos select their "Special Teams Player of the Week each week and the winner gets to sit in a special lazy boy style of chair during team meetings. Its a great concept. I only wish the CFL would pick someone other than a punt returner to be their 'special teams Player of the Week.