Ottawa's win over Montreal - well deserved and good 4 cfl

Parity is exciting…

Any day any team can beat you…

Can’t just play 1/2 game to win…

Defence and a scrambling qb will win you games…

Ottawa may not be a Cup contender in 05 but they hopefully can make the playoffs…

CFL is an amazing game… you can let up in the 4th quarter!!!


A 23 point lead going into the 4th quarter of a CFL game is not safe.

That is very true and quite amazing when you think of it. Talk about getting full value for the viewer. Never lose hope when your team is down because you might go to the bathroom or to get a sandwich and return to find your team has come back. A couple of minutes in a CFL game can sure pack in a lot of excitement.



I know that game left an impression on my american guests at my party! :smiley:

Great for the CFL!, Congrats Ottawa.


I was so happy to hear that they won, good for them and the just over 18 000 Gades fans that showed up to witness the magic. The Gades are now officially my second favorite team, and I’m going to cheer for them every chance I get (excluding games against the bumbling Bombers of course).

It was a great performance. I just hope it leads to more ticket sales in Ottawa. It would be so great to have a strong franchise there so that attention could be focused on the 10th franchise

I too was pleased for Ottawa and the CFL with that win. Strange as it may seem to some of you, I actually wish the Bombers, Stamps and Cats could do the same and come from behind at home for a win just to make their fans have some hope. Hope is not eternal is some stadiums and will result in empty seats.

Riders Rule
but go CAts, Bombers and Stamps when you play anyone but the Riders!

Any given team can beat any given team on any given day in the CFL, which is what makes this league so exciting. Good on Paopao and his team for not giving up, and shows you how far a tam can go on courage and guts and pride. Not to mention a healthy dose of Alouette arrogance, cuz I’m sure they thought they had a cakewalk under wraps when the 4th quarter started.

Hope this gives a kick start to those fans in Ottawa who didn’t bother to show up for the game.

Any Given Week, not just Sunday. :lol:

Regarding Attendance on Canada day…

As I’m sure you know Canada Day in Ottawa is a pretty big affair… Add to the fact that in the summer Ottawa is a big cottage country city… There a max exodus for the cottage…

Soooo, Canada day being on a weekend and the weather predictions being good this is why the attendance was around 19k.

If that game had been on a weeknight the attendance would likely have been 25k.

There are tons of things to do in Ottawa on Canada Day.
I sure missed a good one but I HAD to attend a BBQ and get smashed. That was imperative.
I did see the last 10 minutes though.
So I got smashed again.

Go Rens Go!!

The scheduling monkeys are screwing with Ottawa’s chances at getting better attendance…

If you want good attendance in the summer don’t have a game on the weekend… Have a game on a Thursday or Friday…

So far it was the game of the year…lets hope the OTTAWA sports press doesn’t bring all potential OTTAWA fans, down.