Ottawa's Recruiting Begins

Very good article out today on the beginning of the player recruiting involving the first hiring of Rick Worman, an experienced CFL guy.
It certainly looks like the ownership group is doing this right, with the player evaluation starting 2 years before they take the field.
Go Ottawa Go.

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This is great news. I am very happy for Ottawa fans.

I am a little nervous for the expansion draft...stealing players. But it will be great for the league to get back in the Capital city.

The next step for expansion is way out east, I would love to see a 10 team league.

Local ownership with this group, capital city with new stadium and development, looks REAL nice no question. As you say, the rest of the east might be a bit scared actually. :o

I just heard Jeff Hunt here on Fan 590 in Toronto and he confirmed the latest decision win and unfortunately how there still remains a 6 month window for the final appeal to the Supreme Court.
If they have to wait this time frame, notwithstanding some current minor demolshing work the city will do anyways, it will ultimately push the opening to 2015.
We all hope not.

Well it’ll make the “Friends” feel all goody inside themselves that they caused delays and uncertainty. They can all stand around together and pat themselves on the back and stroke each other. Whatever.

Just a bunch of rich self-styled elites upset that the football 'plebes' are going to sully the purity of their soulless, vapid patch of Ottawa.

Here's what I've found funny (and I apologize if I'm repeating myself).

We have the wealthy glebe retirees vs the football fans.

One group, on a couple of occasions, dressed the same to stand out. Among their group, there were people who yelled at councillors, who brought a megaphone to a public consultation, who heckled during a court hearing and during an information session at city hall, who were verbally abusive to anyone who disagreed with them.

The other group was the football fans. :wink:

This is all behaviour that they accuse football fans of and why they want the stadium out so badly. Yet when this situation presented itself (sort of), they put on a very similar display.

At least when football fans do it, it's in an appropriate setting! :lol:

The court delays may actually be a blessing in disguise, giving both the team and league more time to slowly bring Ottawa back. Great idea having them part of the draft and scouting well in advance, I like it.

Say what, you said slowly bring back.
If this process is any slower it will be heading backwards, what with all the delays, political nonsense and court proceedings .
Let’s move it full speed ahead, notwithstanding of the above possibility.

The Glebe is actually a really nice neighbourhood, and it will be even nicer after the eyesore in the middle of it is redeveloped with a new stadium and other features that will bring a lot of new money to the area.

As far as I'm concerned the Glebe élitists should be grovelling in the path of the developers and asking what they can do to help since the developers are the ones who deeply care about the quality of life in their city — they're locals too, not some faceless multinational corporation — and have shouldered most of the risk of redevelopment. Name any other group that had the patience to wait out years of political wrangling and frivolous court challenges to finally get the chance to pump millions of dollars of investment into a section of the Glebe that has languished in decrepitude for decades.

The élitists actually win by losing. They just aren't smart enough to have figured that out yet.

Yes, precisely. And I suspect that many of those who eventually come to realise it will never admit it.

What they don't realize is that going to a football game nowadays isn't like the old days when truly there were more drunks and bad behaviour. With the drinking and driving laws changed and the CFL branded as a more family oriented outing etc. going to games I find, here in Hamilton especially, quite a civil affair. Now going to a Bills game in Buffalo with a bunch of drunk Canadians as I did in the past, that's different and not something I care to take in any more, we'll leave that to the NFL. :wink:

Well said! But, as CRF pointed out, there is no way to get the self-important citizens of the area to change their tune now! Lets hope that there are no further apeals and that OSEG and the City of Ottawa can get down to real business on this!

Lets get the RR back in the CFL!