Ottawa's record at end of season

what do you think Ottawa's record wil be at end of the season?

around the .500 mark.

9-9 or 10-8


they will be pushing Montreal for second.

I didn't even know that they could SING?

6-12 sounds about right to me. They will beat Hamilton again maybe, but that is about it.

10-8 or whatever recond is just good effort to get into the playoffs in the third East spot, and just beat out a West CO.

8-10 or 9-9.

Just curious - does anybody have any reasoning behind their picks? It's easy to pick an arbitrary number, but to back it up is another story. . . :smiley: I'd like to read what you're all thinking about this.

8-10 or 9-9, because Ottawa obviously showed they are not the class of the east as some have stated before. They should be a playoff team, but sure as hell won't be playing in Vancouver this November.