Ottawa's New Uniforms

These are much better. Glad to see the red italic numbers go on the black jerseys. Nice to see the red ones on the white jerseys. Huge improvement. Would still like to see some piping on the pants though and a singular big white RedBlacks R on a black helmet. Otherwise, I like them. These will be much better to see from the stands.

I do not see much difference in the uni's except Ottawa and they look good.

Does anyone know did they burn that horrid front crested third jersey ?

If they get the traditional old uniform from the early 70's with no helmet logo on the sleeves that would sell . Just needs a little updating and you would have a great marketable product .

Surprised they did not put a little plaid whether on the sleeve or on the leg . I would rather have that than that hash tag . It's like they are trying too hard to be cool and it backfires in the end . They could have put RNATION without the hash tag . Unless twitter is advertising leave that off the uniform .

I haven’t been to the new store at TD place but after seeing the store pics posted for the new Ti -cats store at THF I am jealous big time .

It looks like you can have your jersey completed with name and number under 8 minutes .

What is the difference in the Ticat jersey?

About 72 Hours unless they improved the wait time at the new store at TD Place .

But my question was not about how fast you can get a jersey, it was more to do with what is superior about the new Ticat jersey?
The big difference in the Ottawa jersey is that the numbers are white which in my opinion is a huge improvement. I don't see much difference or improvement in the Ticat jersey.

I would imagine so. I certainly HOPE so. It was like someone went out of their way to make the numbers even harder to read on those things.

I believe they added a stripe to the sleeves.


Edit: Actually, not even. And I recall Brandon Banks saying that fans would be excited for these. Okay then.

I think they look great. Massive improvement from the past 2 years. It would be great if they somehow managed to keep the plaid pant stripe from that "signature" uniform. The signature uni was terrible, but that plaid stripe worked really well. I know it's a new supplier, but hopefully they'll find a way to include it.

I suspect they took some player quotes before even showing players the new uniforms/jerseys.

I also think Sj Green was drumming up publicity by dumping on the new Alouettes jersey, which turns out to be exactly the same. Most in Montreal were probably counting down the days to the reveal, then extremely thankful that nothing changed, rather than disappointed that it was the same.

I thought that he was quoted during the photo shoot. But perhaps a) I'm wrong or b) that was stated incorrectly or c ) it was an outright lie.

So, what do they look like?

I thought the whites looked pretty sharp last night, though I'm still not a big fan of the bright red socks. The helmets weren't quite the same shade, either.

Oh, and the much-lamented hashtag was barely noticeable. :lol:

I like the white uniforms, nice and colourful. Big improvement. Just get rid of those white helmets. The black helmets would look much better on both home and away uniforms.

I thought Ottawa's new uniform was pretty good looking. I'd still like to see the black pants and helmets with the white jersey just to see which combination looks nicer.
Same goes for white pants with the black jerseys.

The discrepancy in tone that I was noticing live doesn't show up quite so much on TV.

I'm going to make your head blow up...Red helmet!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Put a big singular Redblacks R without the saw on the black helmet as a tribute to the old Rough Rider helmets. I like the saw around it on the jersey and as their corporate primary logo, but I think the helmet would look better with a bold R on it. As it is the R looks too small and puny.