Ottawa's new team name for 2007

Ottawa fans excluding you.

This is a perfect example of a stupid, soccer-styled, left-wing, politically correct name.

LOL. I thought it was a stroke of genius. I guess only time will tell. Either way, I’m just looking forward to cheering for a professional football team here in Ottawa!

High Five, I'm sorry for my comment, please don't take it the wrong way. I'm still bitter and crusty about the Rough Riders disappearing.

who cares as long as they last more then 3 years

And I promise not to be negative towards the team unless they start hiring stupid people and do stupid promotions.

maybe i am an idiot... could very well be but i actually liked the idea of the rouge to help include hull. that is such an untapped population. or maybe the serge. the ottawa serge. i actually kinda like that. i am sure it is much lamer than it seems to me at the moment. kinda a play on words at the same time. i am sure there is a copywrite infringement there somewhere

or if the team is going to be weak then we could call them the fille du roi. the francophone should approve of its historical significance.

Why not call them the "Ottawa CFLers" or the "Ottawa CFL Colts" :lol:

I would say you should go with the Senators. Its definitely has an Ottawa flavour to it-- the NHL and CFL franchises should be the only Senators in existence in this country....

or, Mad dogs, Barracudas or Goldminers.

If they want to stick with the RR on the helmet then they can name them after the really bad made for t.v flick the Road Raiders.

How about Ottawa Cavaliers Approximatifs. :slight_smile:

Names I like:


Names I will despise: Any team name that doesn't correctly end with an 's' to indicate the plural. Can't STAND all those singular team names like the Lightning, the Wild, the Avalanche, etc. So wrong.

Also, the idea of a bilingual name isn't bad at all. This is 2006, and the CFL needs to appeal to every market it can reach. I'm not sold on the name Reds itself, but the bilingual idea is good.

no takers for the serge eh?? oh well not the first time people haven't liked my ideas.

I couldn't agree with you more. They are "new age" politically correct type names. Like CHEETAH, or Steelback, they are more like titles than team names. As far as the bilingual name, I hate them. I am a franco-ontarian and I can't stand those type of pc B.S. names. When you thinK of "Expos" as a team name, you have to admit, it was pretty lame, the Montreal Expositions, The Montreal Concordes ???? AND did not have any character. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM BILINGUAL NAMES they suck. Stick with Rough Riders or Renegades.

I should have added (for the anglo only speakers) "Cavaliers Approximatifs" means Rough Riders in French.

Why not go far out historic and call them something like the "Bytown Bandits". Anything but Rough Riders! Having 2 teams with the same name is just Brokeback Gay! And yes I know Ottawa had it first, WHO CARES. It's an old issue and 9 teams with 2 having the same name is just embarassing!

I say... GO Regina Renegades GO !!! Go Ottawa Rough Riders GO !!! :smiley: :cowboy:

Why not just the Ottawa Riders.

Drop the whole rough idea.

Baseball has the White Sox and the Red Sox. So the CFL could have two teams that have the name Riders in it.

I am a Sask Rider fan

and if I got a vote. I would go back to having to Rough Rider teams in the league once again.

I don't mind that bit of history, and it really isn't that confusing.

At least when Sask and Ottawa played you could always say that no matter what the Riders were going to win that day