Ottawa's loss

Thanks Gades! You just sealed the deal for the Riders. We are now guaranteed to cross over and make the playoffs!!! At which point we will crush all who oppose us!!!


That road will be on the road.....through MONTREAL and TORONTO.

still a while to go......Ottawa could make a comeback

I agree........any thing can happen and does in the CFL......SASK.....could go on a dive , starting with EDMONTON.......ALLEN , could get hurt......A.C. could get hurt.

yup anything can happen, personally i see the riders as an up and down team, you never know when they will be up and when they will be down.....if they keep up what they got going, they won't need the crossover, and personally, i see the stamps hitting a bad streak in the season...but i still see Ottawa coming back.....bottom line:

no crossover, Lions, Esks, Riders in West

Its nice to see someone would want to copy me, I mean after being so boring & all.
Its a pretty lame attempt, but what the Hay... its a free country LOL

But I will say this..if it continues I will report it as harrassment and have the person banned... so consider this fair warning.. And have a nice Day :smiley:

The Dentor god has spoken...I will get you banned.....'s only a he's only saying you guy's will crush everyone,,
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I saw the Humor in it.. thats fine we all got a haha.. even me... I am just saying if it continues expect some consequences as It wont be a joke any longer. :slight_smile:

Dentor, has this guy harassed you...??

The impersonation of someone to harm their credibility is a form of harrasment

... what do you care Hank? As long as your not the person in question right? The haha is over..If the person wants to continue acting out on my behalf.. I'll let the CFL PM decide

Not if they put # behind it...the main Dentor... will alway's be Dentor..
I like him ..Because he's true CFL..
great person...Just like SaskArgo

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Getting back to the topic at hand......Ottawa's loss. It seems to me, and the guy I went to the game with, is that the Renegades biggest problem is Kerry Joseph. Near the end of the first half, Joseph was sacked. His response on the bench was to throw his helmet on the ground. That's fine, but then he started chewing on on of the O-linemen (at least I think it was an O-lineman), which lasted a good three minutes. Then, after yelling at his teammate, he walked down the sideline and started on one of the coaches, who had seemed to offer Joseph support when first approached.
What I'm trying to say is that it looks to me like animated displays like this are not good for any team's morale. Joseph probably had every reason to be upset, but he probably should have saved his true reaction for the locker room. My seats are behind the Visitor's bench, 19 rows from the field on the 55 yard line. I saw the whole incident. The story was very similiar to the Baker- Prefontaine issue in Calgary this year, the only differences seem to be that the Argos seem to have gotten over it, and no punches were thrown last night.
Before Ottawa's fans get all over me for these comments, keep in mind I have said many times on the forum that I like the Renegades. I'm just seeing something that MAY be one of their problems.


What I dont like about K.J. is that he runs the ball himself to much. Yes he moves it along and is on pace to get over 1000 yards but to me it tells his teammates “You guys can’t do it so I have to do it myself”

I think he plays almost as if he is trying too hard to win it by himself.