Ottawa's CFL bid one step closer - TSN

Good news re the new Ottawa stadium development.

Oski Wee Wee,


2014 seems like light years away but I'm pumped none the less! Now I'll be able to drive only 2 hours to see the Tiger-Cats play!

See you there. Can't wait.

Super news for sure! But I don't get with all the 7000 supporters and $300,000 why John Martin, I think that is his name, was having trouble finding $10000 for an earlier appeal or something or other? Maybe someone can fill me in on the specifics and accuracy here.

Just shows you what the "private" sector can do

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Yup.....hats off the the private sector for hanging in through all of the petty court cases.
I hope the Lansdowne Park project is a roaring success.
I have good memories from the 1960's of going to Ottawa Rough Riders games..and cheering for the Tiger-Cats and every other visiting team except the Blue team. I still have the scars. :smiley: . They were passionate about their team and I hope the new generation of fans will be the same.