Ottawa's Bill Hatanaka

Hello Ottawa Football Fans.

A Stamp fan guy in Calgary here. I was at the game tonight and just wanted to say thanks to the Redblacks for taking part in a very exciting game. Love the Redblacks and their awesome fans.

I word it like that because, in Ottawa it is about all 3 teams that have played and represented the city of Ottawa so well.

Just want to say that I am so thrilled that in the CFL Legends Canadian shirt they have picked Bill Hatanaka to represent.

We have all seen the 76 Gabriel catch, but if it was not for the first half punt return for TD, by Bill Hatanaka, the Gabriel catch would not have mattered.

Perfect choice. :thup: :thup:

Totally agree!
He was a BIG part of that Championship Team. 8)

Russ Jackson , Tony Gabriel and even Gerry Organ would have been popular choices for the shirt as well.

However, they have all received their fill of well deserved honor and attention.

Hat is more then deserving of this . Share the love.