Last I heard was a decision to be made by the end of march.



Poor Ottawa.

They definitely won't have a team there this year, and possibly never!

from the ottawa sun - with a different slant on what could happen

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.....Outtawa :cry: wished they were back.

as much as i do too, i'm not looking forward to their fans being back

(note to all 2000 renegade fans.... i have family in ottawa who take things as hardcore and annoyingly as i do.... this isn' t a blanket statement, its about several cousins.... that is all.)

Ottawa would be a bonus to have another CFL for the 3rd time

we NEED as many teams as we can get in this league (as long as there all Canadian cities-for now any way)


Actually makes more sense than some of what I read here. :lol:

Two weels ago on the FAN590, I heard Frank D'Angelo say he wouldn't give the CFL another chance to humiliate him again. I guess if the league approached him, he might be open to talks but since it's the league that told him to take a hike, that seems unlikely to happen.

Too bad. I'd love to see Ottawa back in.

An Argo-Cat fan

Oops! I can't get these links right! Here's a uniform idea if we do get an Ottawa franchise someday; and Frank D';Angelo doesn't do something really stupid like call them the Steelbacks or Cheetahs!

If he does get the Ottawa franchise I don't think he will decide what the name will be. It will be up to the fans in Ottawa, back in 2001 there was a contest to name the team and then the fans voted for the name.
If he wants to win over the fans in Ottawa he will probably do the same thing.

hey ppl it has been so quiet about the CFL in Ottawa
whats gonna happen they better get started very soon

D'Angelo's out. It's up to Mr. Palmer at this point....$100 bucks says he takes his son for QB in the dispersal draft!!!!
The writing is on the wall.