Ottawa Win May be a Blessing in Disguise for us:

With Ottawa finishing in first , next weeks game at THF is now a nothing game, it is time to rest our wounded and heal those that need it , plus now, we can give a chance to those who may need assessment going forward.

Wow Burris killed Winterpeg!
His arm strength is IMPRESSIVE!!! :cowboy:
RB running back Madu had another great game as did the Ottawa O line and D !!

Well, we could play all our second stringers. Except that our second stringers are also on the injured list.

All the rookies should start.
Rest everyone else.
Totally agree.

We do have a practice roster , ExPat ......use em !!!

Well, I'm expecting players like Collaros, Gable, Tolliver, Banks, and S. Lawrence to play in the first half just so they can stay sharp going into the EDSF game. But I expect the game to like the second preseason game, in that backups will play much of the second half. This will be a good opportunity for players like Timmis, Jones, and Plesius to gain more experience and show what they can do. And Mathews should get utilized in situations other than short yardage ones.

Next week's game may be meaningless. If you want to see a team from here play a meaningful game next Saturday afternoon, you could watch McMaster take on Laurier in the OUA semi-final. I understand that game will be televised on CHCH.

Another topic remarks on how empty the stands seemed, for a meaningful game. What will they be like for a meaningless game?

I would actually love to watch the Mac game.

But, the game falls on my mother's birthday. So, I am taking Mom to her first Ticats game ever. So, I hope that it is a good game, and that we do well, regardless of who is playing. On either side of the ball. :rockin:

Considering that this last game against the Als is now officially a nothing game when it comes to the standings the team has at the moment 14 players on the PR , so we might as well empty the PR and give them all jerseys and let them play in this game. This game will essentially be akin to a preseason game now anyway with the Als already eliminated and the Cats locked in at 2nd place. It's basically the 1rst preseason game of the 2017 season , so might as well give what's left of our vets a rest ,not risk any further injuries and hold game day auditions for the " B " squad for next season.

If I'm Austin I'm looking at resting and not dressing on Offence the likes of Collaros , Gable , Toliver , Elliott , Bomben , Filer, Fulton .
On Defence I'm not dressing and risking injury to Chick , Tracy , Laurent , Atkinson , Lawrence , Dean , E. Davis

Believe me I've checked and there are replacements for everyone of these starters either on the PR or as backups on the active roster so being as it doesn't matter if we win or lose this one let's not risk any further injuries and let's see if we might have some hidden gems hiding amongst our back ups and reserves and give them some playing time and give our vets a weeks rest before the ESF when it really matters.

Only good thing about finishing second to Ottawa is we get the fourth pick in next Springs draft instead of fifth.

gettimg first wouldve been better for 3 reasons.

  1. Bye week to rest and heal up for the final 2 games.
  2. 1 less game to win to be crowned champions
  3. 1 home game and 1 away game rather than 2 away and 1 home

Sorry guys but it does not matter where they finish. They have no chance on winning the Grey Cup. This team is garbage. I am a huge fan but can see that this team has zero killer instinct and always finds a way to lose a game when they really need a win.

Well the Cats always find ways of digging a hole for themselves and this year is no different with injuries or lack of interest in getting the job done or lack of red zone scoring.

The good thing is that they are still in the fight for the playoffs and anything can happen in the CFL (as i say to myself every year).

Agree use next week to rest your starters, play your back up players and practice roster players, give Masoli and Mathews play time, lets get all our QB's in the game, in case we need them.

If Hamilton can get back that same hunger they demonstrated in the OT win over the Redblacks in Ottawa starting the playoffs we have an opportunity to win. Bring the Hunger, bring the fight and get back the desire to win.


I dont believe the team is garbage and ill be furious if they blow it up again, thats exactly the problem. The year before last we were pretty mediocre too. We kept basically the same team and next thing you know we're winning games likes 53-14. Teams like Calgary and MTL in their hayday all had consistent rosters.
Weve got a great solid core of players and our next focus should be retaining them

Good gosh, we are starting to sound like Maple Leaf fans! Win the Cup before the season starts, and then list off our excuses at the end when we crash and burn :slight_smile: ! Injuries, turf, conditioning, empty seats, and that traditional and perennial favourite, the league and/or the refs are out to get us? As Kent Austin (more or less) said in one of his scrums, if we should have won the game, we would have won it. And, I suppose, if we should have won the east, then we would have won it.

IMO, we do not have a high caliber team this year, as seen by our inability to come out ready to play, to play a full 60 minutes, and to block, tackle and pass protect on a consistent, professional level. In short, we were not good enough to finish first, and didn't. We do, however, have a good nucleus of talent, introduced some new players to the league and to the team, and look solid to build on for next year (Wait 'Till Next Year!).

Doesn't mean we won't get lucky and get by Edmonton and Ottawa, but, as has been often pointed out, we have only one two game win streak all year. BUT, that included a win over Edmonton, and we have beaten Ottawa.

As the fellow falling from the 40th floor said, as he passed the 3rd floor, "So far, so good".

This franchise has been mediocre or worse since before the early 80's. Nothing has changed except a owner with deep pockets and a emotional attachment to the team. Oh and we got a new stadium

Okay time to play a game called " If I was coach Austin " and give you what my game day lineup would look like for next Saturdays season finale "preseason" exhibition tilt against Mtl. So for what it's worth here is my mock 46 man roster minus:Collaros,Gable,Toliver,Elliott,Filer,Bomben,Fulton,Chick,Tracy,Laurent,Atkinson,Lawrence,Dean,E.Davis.
consisting of 3 QB / 22 Cdns / 21 Imp. Discuss amongst yourselves , let me know what you think of my mock lineup :slight_smile:

  • signifies Import

Starting Offence and reserves in brackets

qb.....J. Masoli * ( J.Mathews* , E.Golson*)
rb.....M.Ford * ( K.Lawrence* , M.Timmis, CO Prime-fb )
sb.....M.Jones ( G.Aprile)
sb.....J.Collins* (B.Banks * )
sb.....J.Chiles *
wr....S.Watt ( M.Uren)
wr....B.Tyms *
lg....B.Revenberg (P.Dyakowski)
lt.....T.Campbell *
rg...L.Rice (E.Williams)
rt....J.Daniels *

k.....B.Maher *

Starting Defence and reserves in brackets

de.....J.Capicciotti (L.Richardson)
dt.....D.Nevis * (E.Gill)
dt.....D.Johnson *
wlb...W.Smith* (T.Davis, G.Hughes,M.Barnett)
cb.....C.Page*( T.Lee*)
hb....D.Ellis* (E.Douglas)
s.......M.Daly (J.Langa)

I wonder if promoting the PR players to the 46-man roster will come with enough of a cap-hit to put us over the salary cap? We have pretty much paid for an entire second team this due to injuries...

I'm more worried that throwing too many more players onto the injury list for this game would result in a fine for roster violations (and accusations from Rider fans of cheating). But yes, adding all those extra players from the PR might also put us over the cap.

"It's not over till it's over " We still have Johnny Aprile. :thup: :thup: :thup: :cowboy: