Ottawa??? what (new name)

If you go to an Argos game at Skydome (or the Rogers Centre, or whatever the hell they're calling that cavernous monstrosity of unfilled plastic seats these days), you'll see the upper level decked out with enormous tarps featuring some of the Argos greats of yester-year (yes, there are some).

Apart from disguising the fact that the stadium is half-empty, it's actually a nice homage to the team's history, and a nice show of respect to some of the players who wore the 'A' through the years.

Short of restoring the Rough Riders name and the white 'R' logo, you would be jettisoning all links with the wonderful past that Ottawa football has. Recall, that when the team first folded in 1996, the Rough Riders were the oldest professional sports franchise in North America.

Now, perhaps it's just because I love history, but I really believe that if you have a history, you ought to celebrate it.

'Renegades', 'By-boys', 'Beavers' and (God forbid) 'Redtails' just doesn't cut it.

Put the bloody 'R' back on the bloody helmet, call 'em the Rough Riders, get in your 3-point stance and prepare to go third-and-short, 'cuz it's about bloody time we had some good ol' fashioned smash-mouth football to go crazy over again.

I feel the legacy of the team contributes to one’s interest in it though. I can really only remember back to the 1976 Grey Cup. All of the previous winning years I was not around for, yet I still enjoy reading about it.

Part of it, I feel, is passed down through the generations. My Dad has a book at home about Russ Jackson that I enjoy reading, and the Jackson years I feel also contribute to my enjoyment of the former Rough Riders. My Dad often talks about the Ottawa Rough Riders having the best 2 quarterbacks at the time - Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster.

I would like to see an Ottawa football team return to being a force in the CFL, and I certainly hope it will be under the name ‘Rough Riders’.

:D Nope, no elves for me.

That would have been great. I remember attending one game (one of the last games of the 1996 season) and being stoked at seeing both Russ Jackson and Tony Gabriel standing on the sidelines near the player’s bench.

Yet another reason the Southside rules. :wink:

You and I are in the same boat. Sweeping all of that history under the rug does the previous Rough Riders teams a disservice IMHO.

I too deeply miss the Ottawa Rough Riders. From my earliest memories of the early 60's, I attended my first game in the bleachers in 1968, went mental during Grey Cups 1968, 1969, 1973, 1976, heartbroken to this day for 1981 and was there until the last game in 1996. I even attended the Rough Riders last Montreal road game versus the Alouettes at the Big O. I remained a fan during the Renegades years, but I always felt there was something missing and that they were somewhat like the Concordes to Montreal. Sort of the Rough Riders but not really the Rough Riders really , just a pale imitation. I really miss the BIG white R. SO, Please, Bring back my Ottawa Rough Riders. I know there are others like me, who love the history of the Riders before they became losers.

I'm still sad about 1981 too. Well, you know my feelings on changing the name. Time will tell. The broader issue of league credibility is at play. I'm just not sure how many times you can ask the questions, "will the real Rough Riders please stand up?!". I was never really fond of the Renegades name and I hated the logo! :cowboy:

Now aren't you older fellows being a wee bit selfish?

Whoa whoa, back, you animals, back!

I'm not saying you're wrong at all. I enjoy team history just as much as the next guy. The problem is, can this team survive on that handful of guys in this forum who were around in 1976? If so, I would say "by all means, go with Rough Riders."

The problem is this team is going to have to survive on attracting new fans. I can just hear it now from the casual fans: "There's gonna be a new team, and they were dumb enough to call it the ROUGH RIDERS when there's already another team with that name??? That's so dumb, i'm not gonna pay attention."

Now I'm a huge Toronto Raptors fan, like many 20-somethings in Toronto. You can blame the glitz and glamour, sure, but another part of the reason I love the team is that I went to their first ever game, and can boast that i've followed them from the beginning. If Ottawa wants to target young fans (which it most certainly does) it might want to take advantage and market itself as a brand new team.

It also makes sense from a business point of view. The boys in charge know that they could call this team the Ottawa %$&@ers and all you diehard Rough Rider fans would still attend the games. Can they say the same of casual fans if they went with Rough Riders???

But then of course, there's the exception to the rule (ie the Alouettes) so who knows?

Are you even an Ottawa fan ? If you’re in London, I would suppose that you are an Argos or Ti-Cats fan and at the very least, not an Ottawa football fan, am I right ? I would then assume that the Rough Riders name means nothing to you, so I can understand why you can’t value the Rough Rider name. You are correct in assessing that the Concordes meant nothing to Montreal fans. There was no culture there for that name. You are also putting a lot of weight on the 20 somethings. There are people above 30 somethings etc… that would like to see the Rough Rider name back.

I see where you're coming from, dmont.

I can't say I know an awful lot of people in their teens or 20's to ask, but I don't recall potentially going with the Rough Riders name as being a turnoff when Palmer was looking to go that route. I think the majority of people who are opposed to it are NON Ottawa fans (and they can go to hell) :wink:

Definetly the R on the helmet, but perhaps a name associated with Ottawa’s culture and history…like
Ottawa Rivermen, River Riders, River Rollers etc.

I don't care what they call the Ottawa's. Just hope they can get the team back and running ASAP.

I like the RENAISSANCE you heard it from me first keeps the (R) and obviously has meaning

Or they could use the Reaissance word in their marketing plans Like The Renaissance Begins get your season tickets now

I don't think it's possible to over-estimate the value a city puts on their team's name. A couple examples from the NFL...

When the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis, many Baltimoreans were more upset that they kept the same team name. It took a Super Bowl win for the Ravens to even approach the sort of fan-loyalty the Colts had in Baltimore.

And when the Cleveland Browns picked up and moved to Baltimore after the Colts had left, Cleveland insisted that the NFL reserved the Browns name and colours for a future Cleveland franchise.

I understand and appreciate your point, dmont, but I think in this case, having another team named the Rough Riders would, if anything, create more interest and curiosity. It's just so quirky, it would have to.

Really? I can't see a name dissuading someone from coming to the park or following the team. On the contrary, I feel that, if marketed correctly, the new owners of a new Ottawa team can really build interest on a team's complete history under the Rough Rider name.

I've also heard that the Ottawa Rough Rider name will be eternally equated with losing with younger fans which is why the previous incarnation went with a different team name. If I can equate the Rough Riders to the Senators, they have both shared highs and lows in their original form. The original Senators were a real powerhouse when they started, yet by the time they were relocated, they weren't doing so well. As a fan of the Ottawa Senators, I was ecstatic to see that the new NHL team maintained the Senators name even though I wasn't around to see the original team in action. That was our original name, and by maintaining that name, it enables the city to continue its legacy as opposed to starting fresh. Ottawa won the Stanley Cup as the Senators and we can continue to win as the Senators. The way I look at it, if you truly support a team, then you should accept the lows along with the highs and hang in there come what may.

Same with the Ottawa Rough Riders. The team represented this city for over 100 years under that name, and I would like to see that continue for 100 more (or longer - preferrably longer). The Ottawa Rough Riders have been knocked down for decades. Let's get back up on our feet and show the league what we can do instead of brushing away all remnants of our past.

Now for those who say having 2 teams with the same name in a 9 team league is (insert colourful negative adjective here), I say that it actually contributes to the aura of the CFL in a positive way. It gets people talking - all a part of keeping the CFL in the public consciousness.

I'd be there :wink:

Under the Rough Rider name, I feel the same can be accomplished. Even though it's the same name, it is still basically a new start or a rebirth if you will.

Ottawa Rough Riders with homage to the old logo with an updated image...

There can be no question...

Rough Riders is the best option.

Ottawa Renegades --- terrible
Ottawa (anything other than Rough Riders) --- not good

Ottawa Rough Riders --- PERFECT!

I sincerely hope it happens!

Well said, friends, well said. There is nothing I would like to see more than a modern Ottawa Rough Rider team taking the field in the 21st century. Standing there, waiting for the ball to be kicked off to them, in their black helmets emblazoned with the big white R, the black jerseys with the bold white numbers, in a revamped state-of-the-art stadium. That would bring a tear to my eye, as I will be standing and cheering my guts out at the sight.

Re : "Well said, friends, well said. There is nothing I would like to see more than a modern Ottawa Rough Rider team taking the field in the 21st century. Standing there, waiting for the ball to be kicked off to them, in their black helmets emblazoned with the big white R, the black jerseys with the bold white numbers, in a revamped state-of-the-art stadium. That would bring a tear to my eye, as I will be standing and cheering my guts out at the sight."

From your post to God's ears. I have said it before... I live in Niagara Falls and I will buy Season Tickets every years (even if I never get to a game) if they call it the Rough Riders - the big white "R" on the helmet. Add in hundreds of dollars in merchandise.

Any other name and all my money will stay with the Ticats.

I am only 40 so I have a lot of time... I hope to one day, in my life, see an ALL Rough/Rider Grey Cup - Ottawa vs Sask - being held in Hamilton. What a dream game in the best stadium in the CFL!!!

I think what matters most is that the great tradition of having 2 teams in the CFL with the same last name be continued. Sooo, I'd go with either

Ottawa Tiger Cats
Ottawa Argonauts
Ottawa Alouettes
Ottawa Lions
Ottawa Rough Riders
Ottawa Eskimos
Ottawa Stampeders or
Ottawa Blue Bombers.

But for the sake of tradition I'm leaning towards Rough Riders.