Ottawa??? what (new name)

if Ottawa comes back will it still be the renegades or not

Probably the owner(s) would get to decide, but I believe the CFL owns the Renegades name so they might encourage it.

Ottawa Redcoats... might p*ss off some francophone fans, but is sounds pretty sick.

Otherwise, I say go back to the Rough Riders. Sure, you'll have two teams with the same name, but i've always thought that was something unique about the league. Plus, Montreal went back to Alouettes, even though it wasn't the original alouettes, and the fans responded well.

...ottawa crunchers,ottawa cowboys,or ottawa renegades,

my dads favourite is RENEGADES but everybody is a ti-cat fan at hart

Ottawa Fly By Nights? hee,hee

Seriously, stick with Renegades at this point if it is the best financial interests. I don't want to see Horn Chen make any money off of the name to be quite honest if he still owns the RR name.

Call 'em the Ottawa Flyin' O'Brien's if he pulls this off for all I care... :thup:

I had suggested the Ottawa Redcoats a while back, but I came across the name RedHawks.

The red tailed hawk is common in this area. What do ya think?[i][b]

The Ottawa RedHawks !!![/b][/i]

Ottawa Rough Riders!

Definitely bring back the white 'R' on the helmets as the logo too. Although I liked the Renegades name, I feel they should build a new team with a close tie to the old Rough Riders. Drive interest by recalling the glory days as opposed to having it appear we're starting from scratch.

Man, this is great news!

Tony, I grew up a Rough Riders fan, but I feel there has been too much water under the bridge. A new name and a strong linkage to the past is doable. There are a number of good names which can still use the 'R', like RedCoats, RedHawks and RedTails. :cowboy:

How about the RoughRoaders then you've got the RR thing. :wink:

Har, Har... :cowboy:

Anything but Rough Riders.Please lets not go back giving ammunition to the anti CFLers.

Please bring back the Rough Riders.

If they do I will buy season tickets - all the way from Niagara Falls. Plus a ton of merchandise.

Anything else and I will not contribute.

Just like the Alouettes!!!

Bring back the Rough Riders!!!

How so?

The logo might be the same, but a completely different name would sever any linkage to the past IMHO.

One thing I feel the CFL as a league needs to do is vastly improve its marketing efforts on a national and regional basis. When the Gliebermans starting slashing the marketing budget it really was the beginning of the end. The players used to do public appearances at charity events, as well as appearing at local restaurants/sports bars for chats with the fans. When that stopped it really took the team out of the public eye and consciousness. Then there were those Mardi Gras nights - talk about what NOT to do to effectively market a team :wink:

I think a marketing campaign reminding Ottawa fans about the glory days (1976 Grey Cup!) and then segueing into the new Rough Riders would go a long way to rekindle interest in the team as well as luring back the old faithful who may have felt burned in the recent past.

This is all pie-in-the-sky thinking right now. Maybe I should wait until we actually get a team back :wink:

Hurry back Ottawa Rough Riders!

You mean you didn't participate in elf night in October? What kind of fan are you?? :wink:

I heard that there were plans to do a 30th anniversary tribute to that team had the Renegades taken the field in 2006.

I feel the past ownership problems have tarnished the image of the Rough Riders. I know, sad to say it, but I do.

I do think it is possible to start a new team with a new name in a new era and still maintain links to the past.


It's a normal perception to have though. Someone stated in another thread that a team with this much tradition and history shouldn't struggle so much. Well, I'm 37 and I've never seen a winning season. For a significant portion of the fanbase, th "tradition" is of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

Yeah, it's great to read about Russ Jackson, "the catch" and all those other things, but if you haven't lived them they don't mean anywhere near as much.

What's they key demographic for football ticket purchasers? 18-35? The majority of that group has never witnessed competent football for more than perhaps half a season. Reading about it in papers and websites only goes so far.


I hear you. You're not the first person I've heard this from. In the last couple of days, I've heard many of my friends take the "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude.

I'm more of the opinion that there is still some unfinished business under the old Ottawa Rough Riders name. I was very young in 1976 when we last won the Grey Cup, and I clearly remember the blown call in 1981 Grey Cup against the Eskimos.

To me, with all of those years of losing post-1981, I would like to see Ottawa regain winning status as the Rough Riders as opposed to another name.

For once, when I say "We'll get 'em next year", I would like to see it actually happen. :smiley:

Let's Go Ottawa Rough Riders!