Ottawa Wants The Hall of Fame

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Well, if it's a condition to get the team back in Ottawa with a great group it seems in the LL group, I say no problem. In Hamilton it's stuck where no one can see it anyways and any time I've been in there, there's few people. Right beside or near a stadium is the best way to go I'd say.

They can stick it up there ass ....

“I don’t want to insult the city (Hamilton), but it’s not very impressive,? said Monette. “It’s rundown and seems to need new initiatives to make it exciting. It almost seems like we have lost a bit of respect for what those people (players and coaches) have done.?
Ottawa ignorance.....I will be the first one in line for this fight

Lost a bit of respect for Monette Thats for sure .....Redevelop the stadium and yet have another team fail after a dispersal draft again that screws with players life's and the hole league in general ....The only reason OTTAWA was giving a second Chance was it's OTTAWA . Ottawa is not a historic franchise or is the pavilion . They lost the historic value when they left for the second time . Oskie wee wee i'm so sorry for the Ottawa respectful fans that read this story and say how about a football team first then try and steal other venues from Other Canadian city's .... .....His main concern Should be trying to get a team with great ownership Back in Ottawa . Montette has just open a can of crap with no taste color or texture .

Thanks for the post .....

The Hall of Fame does need a face lift and more attraction type showcases. It needs a major infusion of cash and someone to run it who has a vision.

With that stays here.

I'll fight the fight as well!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But money talks and let a fight begin between Hamilton and Ottawa or whomever to see what they will spend and do with the Hall. But something needs to be done as right now, I am not impressed with the location and look of it. I'll fight, for the Hall itself, not to just keep in Hamilton because "that's what just should happen" type of thing regardless.

Well dont know if its Hamiltons responsibility for the location and the looks or whatnot of the HOF. That should be the CFL`s responsibility. Let the CFL decide where it should be and what it should be .. it was not very exciting the last time i was there .. about 6 years ago . It never made me want to go back .. it was interesting but no WOW factor. If Ottawa can do better then let em ....

Remember, it's the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, not the CFL Hall of Fame.

Well then in that case ... whoever pays for it gets the nod :wink:

Move it to the new stadium in Hamilton and open it up to the crowd on gameday for a buck a person.

It does make sense to put it in Ottawa, its our capital city and the Hall of Fame should be in a prominent place where Canadians can go and see it, I think the only people that visit it is school kids. Its been in Hamilton too long, not too many people journey to Hamilton to visit the Canadian Football Hall of But having it in Ottawa would be a great opportunity to show off Canadian Football to the country, with the amount of tourists that visit Ottawa it would be a good money make too. While tourists are in Ottawa visitng the War Museum, the Science and Tech Museum, the Museum of Civilization, the Natural History Museum it would be fantastic to add the Canadian football museum.

I agree with you!! It would be a good opportunity to show off the CFL. It's been in Hamilton for over 50 years, its time to re-locate it. I don't think Hamilton owns it and Ottawa would be the best choice for all Canadians to see it.
The Ottawa councillor is right and he wasn't impressed with the present Hall of Fame. The Aberdeen Pavillion in Ottawa is a national historic site and a beautiful building that is over 100 years old, a fitting place of honour for the CFL........GO FOR IT

I've only been once in the 35 years that I've lived here. Wouldn't miss it at all. Only 1 person visiting me wanted to go and we were both so disappointed we said they should lock the doors to save the city such embarrassment

Ottawa can only support hockey and barely at that.Won't be long before Ottawa in the CFL fails for a 3rd time. It's just proof that nobody there wants to pay to see a sports team.They're already down to 8,000 season ticket holders for the Sen's.
Just my opinion though.

I'm sure in Ottawa it will become a huge tourist attraction. :roll:

Ottawa actually had higher attendance than Hamilton at the time. Why they failed and we didn't has many reasons that could be discussed. If we had the Gliebermans our team would not have been rescued either I'm afraid. We've been down the failure route several times and always found we had owners willing to walk away without demanding payment for the TigerCat name and logo.

Why have anything in Hamilton then? This is a bit ridiculous coming from Ottawa.

The best idea certainly is to make it part of the new stadium and try to drive attendance by making it part of the game day experience.

That would be a no-brainer at a downtown site, no place else. Judging by the HOF attendance figures it isn't likely to make a huge difference to the viability of the project but if its done right with some of the other projects that have failed to launch over the years like the Canadian version of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it might be a very small part of a larger attraction. Don't see it happening but if you insist on the Harbourfront site, think billions of $ of investment not 100's of millions

Yup that makes sense Put it in a City that has no CANADIAN FOOTBALL TEAM in the CFL league…

All agree that the Hall of Fame does need some work but this place is not Busy as it should be , Maybe it will end up like the Canadian boxing hall of fame stuck on a trailer or sitting in the sicards holiday campers lot in Smithville …

Surprised the CFL head Office and the Hall of Fame are not in the same Building from the beginning…

With due respect, but downtown Hamilton is not exactly high on Canadians list as a tourist destination. A new location for the Hall of Fame in an area that attracts a lot of people would be a good idea, but I don't hold much hope for Ottawa. They couldn't even agree on a location for a National Portrait Gallery. The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame wanted to move into the Government Conference Centre, right across the street form the Chateau Laurie (the place were the provincial Premiers meet every so often to plan national disunity), but that went no where. Actually, that would be an ideal location for the HofF, but bureaucratic idiocy will prevent that from happening. So, what other choices are there?

I think they have plans to build a Hall of Fame next to our Pan Am Stadium which would be great a lot of people could visit it on game day. Those meat heads in Ottawa should get a team first :thdn: