Ottawa wants Lynx but don't care about a CFL team?

Well, if this article is any indication of the reality in Ottawa, I suppose the writing is on the fall for the future of a CFL team in Ottawa. Maybe she's a dead horse. Well, one city I sure won't retire in, even if my wife is from there and would like to retire there. A shame really and it cost Tom Wright the ability to remain as commish, but such is life:

How low can Ottawa's interest in CFL go?
Survey findings indicate even Lynx have more support

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what seems to be overlooked here, is another ottawa team is about to fold / relocate..

ottawa is NOT a good sports city.

I was a big supporter of Ottawa being in the CFL, but there comes a point where it's not worth all the hassle. When we had them I was constantly worrying about them going under and it just killed the fun. I say we finally give up and give QC or The Atlantic a team. If this article is true than that's just terrible. Everyone else in Canada seems to care more about the 'Gades than those guys in Ottawa, it's sad really.

But for the life of me I do honestly think that if their golden hockey saviour Eugene Melnyk was inticed to own a CFL team there, everything would be forgotten and the people would embrace a team.

if he bought the team, then yes.

the thing about ottawa seems to be ( after reading this article ), they want to have teams, just not go out and support them at games...


I really do think in Ottawa it’s all about image and Eugene Melynk has the image. I really think this is all they need, shouldn’t be like this but every market is different.

Ottawa wants the Lynx ? That survey needs to be thrown in the garbage !

C'Mon each time I drive by the stadium, they are lucky if 200 people show up for game night for the Lynx.

A CFL team in Ottawa is a must !

I can honestly say that if we went through in BC what Ottawa has, I would be saying to hell with it. Dont tease me anymore by bring the same circus back to town to let me down again.

What the ottawa fans needs is more hope and concrete assurance that next time around be different. They be cautious, but if CFL gets lucky and could find an owner to rival the best of the best, with deep pockets, love of CFL and the league is able to get guaranteed multi yr committment, etc, then I think a similar survey would show more support. Would it be enough? Who knows.

While I want Ottawa to succeed, I question whether the fan interest is still there. Yes the Gliebermans were there twice. What about when Brad Watters was there? Drummer makes a good point, they want a team but don't show it with their wallets.

Ottawa is not about image. Ottawa is about having a winning season once in awhile, instead of every quarter-century. If every team had been run like Ottawa has been the past 20 years, every single team would have folded and there wouldnt be a league right now.

As for the Lynx being more popular than the CFL…please.

You've got a point SR about the winning thing but look at the Leafs and Cubs support over many years of not winning much - the fans are still there.
I say this and I think I am right - a "right" image owner like Melnyk or a Bob Young in Ottawa with a decent team from a draft and Ottawa will work. They have a great stadium and if the city there gives an owner a chance to make a bit of money at Frank Clair, football will work in Ottawa. Baseball is a dying sport in Canada and Ottawa is right beside a province that is really supporting football so the there is optimism football, CFL football can work in that city. And with a new commish, Tom Wright did some good things but really messed up with putting the Gliebs back in, he should have had no team for a year until city council woke up and provided some financial incentives for a good owner to step up. Bad, bad, bad.

Look at the Rider fans…they support the Riders in their long, long mediocor runs…even with a bad GM in Shivers… Although I saw a big convoy of Tar trucks heading to Regina, and rumour has Turkeybend being plucked, so perhaps the fans are ready to tar and feather Shivers! :wink:

Yes Sportsmen but every market is different and Ottawa is a very different city, as anyone in Canada who is interested in politics even the slightest knows.

But we, CFL fans, really should be saying to Ottawa - WE DO WANT YOU BACK IN THE LEAGUE!!!! We have to tell them they are wanted guys. Anyone have a plan for this? I will think up something because my CFL does include A TEAM IN OTTAWA!!

I would give them all a hug if it meant comming out to support their team. What if Mikey Millionaire comes out of the woodwork and showers Ottawa with dollars galore.....and the fans still don't show up? I guess we'll just have to see what plays out on Ottawa's THIRD attempt.

Positives from Ottawa:

-A solid, downtown, 28,000 seat stadium (with what looks like new turf being put in as we speak), ready to go.
-15,000 absolute die-hard fans, who have proven that despite anything you do to them, no matter what, they will be at the home games (as in last year's season finale).
-800k population, along with another 200k in Quebec who live within 20 mts from the stadium.
-So, put together one (ONE!) decent season, the casual fans will be back, the crowds will be in the mid-20's like most other cities, and it will be all good. I know it.

As for Leaf fans, ya I hear ya, but then again they have 5 times the population to draw from and only have to fill a 19k arena.

From afar, I am also starting to wonder whether Ottawa is a good sports town. Before Melnyk bought the Sens, the sellouts were few and far between. With a great young team the crowds came. But, what if the team goes in the crapper, now possible because of the trades etc., will the fickle fans of Ottawa turn up? Same with the 67’s, the team has been successful, for now.
Even though there has been ownership problems over the years, the fans have not exactly been supporting the football team. As for the Lynx, that is a joke and the number would suggest this may be the teams last year.
Still though because of the points made above regarding the infastructure etc, if the proper owner with $ and connection in the community is found, one last chanmce is needed.

Ottawa has a very rich sports history.

Why the Lynx were so popular when they first got here and now draw 1,500-2K to a gorgeous stadium I don't know. Maybe it was a novely in early 90s.

As for CFL here, I'm not going to repeat what I've said endlessly.

Bottom line is that Tom Wright and most (maybe even, all) of the BOG want them back under right conditions.

So if Wright and others think it can work if done properly, why do some fans think differently?

Start it right from the foundation. Market the team and the game. Sow that you're credible and in for the long haul. Sports fans, even in Ottawa, can be very forgiving if you give them a reason.

Of course having Melynk w/b ideal solution and make everything better.

But it's not mandatory.

Yes, Ottawa w/b back in '07. I've said that since March and am sticking to it.

Otawa, dump AAA Baseball, and SUPPORT THE CFL!!!