Ottawa Vs Winnipeg

Pretty exciting game so far. Both defences look pretty porous allowing the offences to put up points.

And Burris just passed Russ Jackson to become 4th in Qb rushing. Fitting to do it with the Redblacks.

21-7 so far

Excellent game, RB’s who would have thought?

Wow, RedBlacks are looking good. Burris and Walker are dynamite, early I know but that's no rookie team out there, I think they were saying the RBs have more guys with CFL experience than the Bombers. This one could be a barnburner.

Good game. Lets hope Ottawa holds on and wins.

Very entertaining game so far.
Loud crowd just enhances the broadcast.

first Q all Ottawa, 2nd Q Winnipeg puts up the points and has some momentum heading into the half. Be interesting to see what adjustments each team makes and sets up what should be a fun 2nd half.

Very interesting game, Bombers made some adjustments in the 2nd q and I expect them to win this affair. Late field goal helped.

If this is any indication of things to come, the RB's will be very entertaining.
That's great for the league and the generally weak East division.

Lots of McDonald's commercials. Not seeing Wendy's ads yet. Is Wendy's no longer a major sponsor?

Ottawa getting sloppy.

Winnipeg made adjustments after the opening quarter and are looking good now. Let's see if Winnipeg can complete the comeback.

At least it is a good and entertaining game. Still wish the Ottawa uniforms had more "pop".

Looks like a tie game. :frowning: Damn!!!

Edit : Spoke too soon. :slight_smile:

Why Kevin ?

Always loved the Ottawa Rough Riders. Can't help but transfer that love. :slight_smile:

Crap. Knew they would lose this game. The BB just kept coming back. :frowning:

Visiting Ottawa. Just took a walk down Metcalfe Street. Every bar and restaurant had the game on- every TV.... except a Thai restaurant showing the baseball game. IT was deserted.

Nice to hear! The results were bad but the game was good.

What a game! Felt like there was more than 2 points on the line.
Looking forward to watching more from these 2 clubs.

I love this league. :thup:

...I'd like to congratulate the Blue Bombers on a tough but hard fought win, and stringing two wins together in a row, and I hope that's the last two wins you get all season (go back to the East) :twisted: