Ottawa vs Stampeders

Curious to find out how flawless Calgary plays in this game, I remember 2012 Grey Cup when Toronto was on their game that day.

In the West Final, Stamps D shut down the Lions high power air attack.

I expect the same today.

Sorry Ottawa, not this year.

Perhaps 2017 when you host it.

It the Stamps were not in the game, I would be cheering for the Reds.

I was last year against the Esks.

Good luck winning next year Reds.

This will be a Stampede.

Hank just seen limping around the field and headed off to the dressing room with the training staff. Harris may end up getting some playing time but you just KNOW that Hank is going to try to be on the field if he can.

Doesn't really matter - this one goes to the Stamps and next year in Ottawa it's the Ticats turn! :slight_smile:

Ahhh, wrong and wrong.